Microbial Diversity 1998

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1998 Microbial Diversity


Name Role Affiliation URI
Anglica Seitz Course Coordinator
  • Harvard University
Abigail Salyers Director
  • University Of Illinois
Edward Leadbetter Director
  • University Of Connecticut
Thomas Pitta Faculty
  • Rowland Institute For Science
Bruce Paster Faculty
  • Forsyth Dental Center
Kurt Hanselmann Faculty
  • University Of Zurich
Bernhard Schink Faculty
  • University Of Wisconsin
Nell Ament Lab Assistant
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Kalina White Lab Assistant
  • Earlham College
Joanna Levitt Lab Assistant
  • Hm Gunn High School
Thomas Schmidt Lecturer
  • Michigan State University
Scott O'Neill Lecturer
  • Yale University
John Breznak Lecturer
  • Michigan State University
John Murrell Lecturer
  • University Of Warwick
Jerald Ensign Lecturer
  • University Of Wisconsin
Pieter Visscher Lecturer
  • University Of Connecticut
Rene Schwarzenbacj Lecturer
  • Eth
  • Eawag
Nyles Charon Lecturer
  • West Virginia University
Hans Schlegel Lecturer
  • Georg August Universitat
Olivia Harriot Lecturer
  • Fairfield University
Jeanne S Poindexter Lecturer
  • Barnard College
Andreas Teske Lecturer
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Stephen Farrand Lecturer
  • University Of Illinois
Margaret Mcfall-Ngai Lecturer
  • University Of Hawaii
Stanley Holt Lecturer
  • University Of Texas Health Science Center
Dan Fraenkel Lecturer
  • Harvard Medical School
Mary Lidstrom Lecturer
  • University Of Washington
Ronald Oremland Lecturer
  • United States Geological Survey
Tillman Gerngross Lecturer
  • Metabolix Inc
Cynthia Carr Student
  • Rice University
Kathryn Patterson Student
  • University Of Georgia
Silvana Tarlera Student
  • Universidad De La Republica Of Uruguay
Karin Sauer Student
  • Max Planck Institute
Yoshiko Fujita Student
  • Stanford University
Erik Zinser Student
  • Harvard University
Ana Anton Garcia Student
  • Universidad Miguel Hernandez
Milva Pepi Student
  • University Of Siena
Dmitri Sobolev Student
  • University Of Alabama
Pat Fidopiastis Student
  • University Of Hawaii
Jorge Rodrigues Student
  • Michigan State University
Min Ken Liao Student
  • Hope College
Andreas Kappler Student
  • University Of Konstanz
Andrea Foster Student
  • Stanford University
Julie Zilles Student
  • University Of Wisconsin
Christopher Francis Student
  • Scripps Institution Of Oceanography
Joel Klappenbach Student
  • Michigan State University
Hector Castro Student
  • University Of Florida
Patricia Howard Student
  • Aquatic Resources Center
John Spear Student
  • Colorado School Of Mines
Scott Dawson Teaching Assistant
  • University Of California Berkeley
Bodo Philipp Teaching Assistant
  • Universitat Konstanz
Irena Levin Teaching Assistant
  • Forsyth Dental Center
Carol Lau Teaching Assistant
  • Forsyth Dental Center
Dianne Newman Teaching Assistant
  • Harvard Medical School
Rebecca Ericson Teaching Assistant
  • Forsyth Dental Center
Elke Jaspers Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Oldenburg
56 total attendees representing 43 institutions.

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