Mariculture: Culture Of Marine Invertebrates For Research Purposes 1988

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1988 Mariculture


Name Role Affiliation URI
Carl Berg, Jr Course Director
  • State Of Florida Bureau Of Marine Research
Neal Overstrom Faculty
  • Sea Research Foundation Mystic Marinelife Aquarium
David Egloff Faculty
  • Oberlin College
Scott Gallager Faculty
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Thomas Capo Faculty
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Philip Alatalo Faculty
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
David Turner Faculty
  • Eastern Connecticut State University
James Mcvey Faculty
  • Noaa
Patrick Gaffney Faculty
  • University Of Delaware
Philip Presley Faculty
  • Carl Zeiss Inc
Robert L Guillard Faculty
  • Bigelow Laboratories Of Ocean Sciences
Jeffrey Fisher Faculty
  • Eastern Connecticut State University
Louis Leibovitz Faculty
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Katherine Orr Faculty
Roger Hanlon Faculty
  • University Of Texas
Robert Davidson Student
  • Trio Laboratories
David Kohan Student
  • Hebrew University Of Jerusalem
Gloria Royall Student
  • George Mason University
Roger Zirk Student
  • Cfm Environmental Services Inc
Suzanne Lussier Student
  • Epa Environmental Research Laboratory
Rafael Sarda Student
  • Boston University Marine Program
Tien Lai Hsu Student
  • University Of Rhode Island
Christopher Davis Student
  • University Of Maine
Joseph Couturier Student
  • Enviro Systems Inc
Melanie Meade Student
  • Long Island University
Edward Wade Student
  • Aquatic Research Organisms
Jan Taschner Student
  • Yale University
Ervin Bass Student
  • Nih
28 total attendees representing 24 institutions.

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