Optical Microscopy And Imaging In The Biomedical Sciences 1981

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1981 Optical Microscopy


Name Role Affiliation URI
Watt Webb Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Cornell University
Eric Scott Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Venus Scientific
Mario Maldari Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Hamamatsu Systems Inc
Douglas T Brown Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Dartmouth College
Robert Wick Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Carl Zeiss Inc
Phil Presley Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Carl Zeiss Inc
Heinz Gundlach Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Carl Zeiss Inc
John Hayden Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Dartmouth College
Michael Bady Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Nikon Inc
William Vaughan Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Vickers Instruments
Lenora Wong Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Dartmouth College
Martin Scott Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Eastman Kodak Company
James Kenealy Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Hamamatsu Systems Inc
Rick Phillips Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Olympus Corporation Of America
Shinya Inoue Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Erich Horgan Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Ernst Keller Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Carl Zeiss Inc
Nick Post Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Nikon Inc
Eric Hansen Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Dartmouth College
Nina Stromgren Allen Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Dartmouth College
Marcia Taylor Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Olympus Corporation Of America
Mel Decker Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Opti Quip Inc
Robert Day Allen Instructor-In-Chief
  • Dartmouth College
Elizabeth Palmer Student
  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional
Scott T Brady Student
  • Case Western Reserve University
Lorris Cockerham Student
  • Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
Darwin Cheney Student
  • St Elizabeths Hospital
James Lindsey Student
  • University Of California San Diego School Of Medicine
Gerald Pesch Student
  • Us Environmental Protection Agency
Margaret Simpson Student
  • Sweet Briar College
R R Gilpin Student
  • Clarkson College Of Technology
Bechara Kachar Student
  • National Institutes Of Health
Richard Smith Student
  • University Of Alberta
William Bowen Student
  • University Of Kansas
Lawrence Allred Student
  • Sc Johnson And Son
Gottfried Rinnerthaler Student
  • Institute Of Molecular Biology
Richard Fisher Student
  • National Institutes Of Health
Paul Paolini Student
  • San Diego State University
38 total attendees representing 25 institutions.

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