Embryology 1920

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1920 Embryology


Name Role Affiliation URI
David Hill Tennent Instructor
  • Bryn Mawr College
Elizabeth A Smith Instructor
  • University Of Wisconsin
Charles Gardner Rogers Instructor
  • Oberlin College
Benjamin H Grave Instructor
  • Wabash College
  • Knox College
Hubert Baker Goodrich Instructor
  • Wesleyan University
Margaret A Graham Student
  • Hunter College
Elizabeth P Rand Student
  • Wellesley College
Janet A Williamson Student
  • Mount Holyoke College
Erik F B Fries Student
  • Harvard University
Helen R Stacey Student
  • Vassar College
Jennie D Hippolitus Student
  • Connecticut College
Helen G Johnson Student
  • Hartford High School
Mcgreer Hermetet Student
  • Knox College
Martha L Thompson Student
  • University Of California
Raymond J Bean Student
  • Western Reserve University
Shirley K Hall-Quest Student
  • Clifton
Esther I Coldwell Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Ruth C Mcclung Student
  • Kansas University
Herman E Pearse, Jr Student
  • University Of Missouri
Harriet L Robbins Student
  • Kansas Wesleyan University
Eleanor M Paxson Student
  • Swarthmore College
Arthur W Duryea Student
  • Dartmouth College
Mary J Walters Student
Louise Smith Student
  • Smith College
Margaret H Hannum Student
  • Smith College
John J Montanus Student
  • Long Island College Hospital
Henry E Wondergem Student
  • University Of Rochester
Robert Kylie Jr Burns Student
  • Bridgewater College
P W Ma Student
  • North China Union College
Henry H Johnson, Jr Student
  • Columbia University
Cleveland S Simkins Student
  • Harvard University
31 total attendees representing 28 institutions.

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