Marine Botany 1965

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1965 Marine Botany


Name Role Affiliation URI
Davis L Findley Collector
  • University Of Tennessee
William Randolph Taylor Consultant
  • University Of Michigan
Walter R Herndon Instructor
  • College Of Liberal Arts University Of Tennessee
  • University Of Tennessee
Philip William Cook Instructor
  • University Of Vermont
Frank Eric Round Instructor
  • Department Of Botany University Of Bristol
  • University Of Bristol
Robert T Wilce Instructor
  • University Of Massachusetts
H Wayne Nichols Instructor
  • Washington University
Russell G Rhodes Laboratory Assistant
  • University Of Tennessee
Jeffrey S Prince Laboratory Assistant
  • University Of Massachusetts
Francis R Trainor Special Lecturer
  • Department Of Botany University Of Connecticut
Ivan Mackenzie Lamb Special Lecturer
  • Farlow Herbarium Harvard University
John M Kingsbury Special Lecturer
  • Department Of Botany Cornell University
Luigi Provasoli Special Lecturer
  • Haskins Laboratories
R W Holton Special Lecturer
  • Department Of Botany University Of Tennessee
Rudolph Gross Student
  • University Of Maryland
Franklyn Ott Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
  • University Of Texas
James R Sears Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Melvin Watson Student
  • University Of Louisville
Gail Mackiernan Student
  • College Of William And Mary
James Edward Mann Student
  • University Of Texas
Michael Dabney Student
  • Seton Hill College
Margaret Waldrep Student
  • University Of South Alabama
Barbara Hall Student
  • University Of Oregon
Hollings Andrews Student
  • University Of Kansas
Raymond Lynn Student
  • Indiana University
Linda Lockwood Student
  • Columbia University
Carole Lembi Student
  • University Of Tennessee
Richard Hilton, Jr Student
  • University Of Arizona
Karen Bartholomew Student
  • University Of California Los Angeles
Paul Hargraves Student
  • University Of Rhode Island
Marcia Madsen Student
  • University Of California Davis
Heber Hostetter, Iii Student
  • University Of Arizona
Thomas Nalepa Student
  • Indiana University
Carol Conover Student
  • Drew University
34 total attendees representing 28 institutions.

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