Optical Microscopy And Imaging In The Biomedical Sciences 1995

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1995 Optical Microscopy


Name Role Affiliation URI
Colin S Izzard Director
  • Suny Albany
Kenneth Spring Faculty
  • National Institutes Of Health
Joseph Depasquale Faculty
  • New York State Department Of Health
John Murray Faculty
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Greta Lee Faculty
  • University Of North Carolina
Karel Svoboda Faculty
  • Atandt Bell Laboratories
Frederick Maxfield Faculty
  • Cornell University Medical College
John Sedat Faculty
  • University Of California San Francisco
Brian Herman Faculty
  • University Of North Carolina
Robert Hard Faculty
  • Suny Buffalo
Jan Hinsch Lecturer
  • Leica Inc
Rudolf Oldenbourg Lecturer
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Martin Scott Lecturer
  • Consultant In Scientific Imagine
Shinya Inoue Lecturer
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Hartmut Keller Lecturer
  • Carl Zeiss Inc
Donald Stedman Student
  • Chemical Industry Institute Of Toxicology
Peter Kristensen Student
  • Novo Nordisk
Peter Reinach Student
  • Suny
Peter Hug Student
  • National Institutes Of Health
Tom Laurence Student
  • University Of Illinois College Of Medicine
Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz Student
  • National Institutes Of Health
Shaoyou Chu Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Christopher Cohan Student
  • Suny Buffalo
Lynn Anne Sanguedolce Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Hal Yee Student
  • University Of California San Francisco
Jodi Nunnari Student
  • University Of California San Francisco
Philip Jones Student
  • National Cancer Institute
Yohko Hatada Student
  • Columbia University
Deana Erdner Student
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Gary Laughlin Student
  • Illinois Institute Of Technology
Rochelle Torgerson Student
  • Mayo Medical And Graduate Schools
Sandy White Student
  • Lilly Research Labs
Sandra Dabora Student
  • Brigham And Womens Hospital
Toshiki Yagi Student
  • University Of Tokyo
Christine Tock Student
  • University Of Texas Medical School
Stune Pedersen Student
  • University Of Copenhagen
Mark Willard Student
  • Washington University Medical School
Stefan Gunnarsson Student
  • Uppsala University
Elizabeth Weinhofer Teaching Assistant
  • Suny Buffalo
Wade Sigurdson Teaching Assistant
  • Suny Buffalo
Richik Ghosh Teaching Assistant
  • Columbia University College Of Physicians And Surgeons
41 total attendees representing 31 institutions.

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