Optical Microscopy And Imaging In The Biomedical Sciences 1998

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1998 Optical Microscopy


Name Role Affiliation URI
Colin S Izzard Director
  • Suny Albany
Kenneth Spring Faculty
  • National Institutes Of Health
Jason Swedlow Faculty
  • Harvard Medical School
  • University Of Dundee
Joseph Depasquale Faculty
  • New York State Department Of Health
John Murray Faculty
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Kenneth Snyder Faculty
  • Suny Buffalo
David Piston Faculty
  • Vanderbilt University
Frederick Maxfield Faculty
  • Cornell University Medical College
Brian Herman Faculty
  • University Of Texas Health Science Center
Robert Hard Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Rudolf Oldenbourg Lecturer
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Martin Scott Lecturer
  • Consultant In Scientific Imagine
Shinya Inoue Lecturer
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Hartmut Keller Lecturer
  • Carl Zeiss Inc
Stefan Bodnarenko Student
  • Smith College
Holly Aaron Student
  • University Of California Berkeley
Martin Velcker Student
  • Carl Zeiss
Lidia Llcus Student
  • National Institutes Of Health
Gertrude Nicklee Student
  • Princess Margaret Hospital
Peter Pryfogle Student
  • Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies
Daniel Brown Student
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • University Of Chicago
Darren Gilmour Student
  • Max Planck Institut Tubingen
Cha Min Tang Student
  • University Of Maryland School Of Medicine
Antoine Caron Student
  • Biotechnology Research Institute
Peter Gakunga Student
  • Baylor College Of Dentistry
Lena Mcphee Student
  • Queens University
Jodi Shann Student
  • University Of Cincinnati
Oliver Hobert Student
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
Barbara Tolloczko Student
  • Montreal Chest Institute
Brian Kinkle Student
  • University Of Cincinnati
James Arden Student
  • Cornell University Medical College
Nicki Watson Student
  • Whitehead Institute
Derrick Robinson Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Benedicte Sanson Student
  • Mrc Lab Of Molecular Biology
Yimin Ge Student
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
Richard Edelmann Student
  • Miami University
Kellene Mullin Student
  • Rockefeller University
Douglas Weidner Student
  • University Of Texas Md Anderson Cancer Center
Ken Dunn Teaching Assistant
  • Indiana University Medical Center
Wade Sigurdson Teaching Assistant
  • Suny Buffalo
Lynda Pierini Teaching Assistant
  • Cornell University Medical College
41 total attendees representing 36 institutions.

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