Microbial Diversity 1993

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1993 Microbial Diversity


Name Role Affiliation URI
Richard Behmlander Course Coordinator
  • University Of Minnesota
John Breznak Course Director
  • Michigan State University
Martin Dworkin Course Director
  • University Of Minnesota
Jessica Breznak Laboratory Assistant
Eric Frings Student
  • University Of Bonn
Tom Wakeford Student
  • Kings College
Diana Northup Student
  • University Of New Mexico
Ann West Student
  • University Of Colorado
Alain Brauman Student
  • Centre Orstom
Clifford Ochs Student
  • University Of Mississippi
Lee Hughes Student
  • University Of North Texas
Gerard Muyzer Student
  • Max Planck Institute For Marine Microbiology
Margret More Student
  • Cornell University
Carol Barford Student
  • Harvard University
Guadalupe Nevarez-Moorillon Student
  • University Of North Texas
Maria Uria-Nickelsen Student
  • University Of Connecticut
Paul Egland Student
  • University Of Iowa
Tsute Chen Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Eva Lindstrom Student
  • Uppsala University
Minoru Wada Student
  • University Of Tokyo
Raphael Rosenzweig Student
  • University Of Idaho
Dianne Ahmann Student
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Jill Kreiling Student
  • West Virginia University
Magdalena Martinez-Canamero Student
  • University Of Medicine And Dentistry Of New Jersey
Jared Leadbetter Teaching Assistant
  • Michigan State University
Andreas Brune Teaching Assistant
  • Michigan State University
Jorg Overmann Teaching Assistant
  • University Of British Columbia
Anjelica Seitz Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Connecticut
28 total attendees representing 22 institutions.

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