Physiology 1940

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1940 Physiology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Kenneth C Fisher Instructor
  • University Of Toronto
Ferdinand J M Sichel Instructor
  • University Of Vermont College Of Medicine
James A Shannon Instructor
  • New York University Medical College
  • New York University College Of Medicine
Robert Jr Chambers Instructor
  • Washington Square College
  • Washington Square College New York University
  • New York University
Laurence Irving Instructor
  • Swarthmore College
Rudolf Hober Instructor
  • University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Clifford Ladd Prosser Instructor
  • University Of Illinois
Barbara D Blanchard Student
  • Placer Junior College
Mildred H Carleen Student
  • Mount Holyoke College
Marie A Jakus Student
  • Washington University
Richard J Henry Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine
Per Frederik Scholander Student
  • University Of Oslo
Edward R Baylor Student
  • University Of Illinois
Edith N Rathbun Student
George R Norman Student
  • Wabash College
Walter H Kasserman Student
  • Washington And Jefferson College
Jane L Chidsey Student
  • Wheaton College
Allen W Stokes Student
  • Harvard University
Blanche E Jackson Student
  • Radcliffe College
Mary H Wolf Student
  • Duke University
Harold J Hohwieler Student
  • Washington University
Arthur Woodward, Jr Student
  • Wesleyan University
Robert H Edgerley Student
  • Ohio State University
George A Edwards Student
  • Tufts College
Richard A Ormsbee Student
  • Brown University
Guy M Everett Student
  • University Of Maryland Medical School
  • University Of Maryland School Of Medicine
Ruth P Fox Student
  • Vassar College
George W Holton Student
  • Wesleyan University
Philip W Davies Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
29 total attendees representing 28 institutions.

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