Fertilization And Gamete Physiology Research Training Program 1974

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1974 Fertilization And Gamete Physiology Research Training Program


Name Role Affiliation URI
Ruth Edidin Assistant
Margot Balboni Assistant
Kay Ellen Selman Assistant
  • Harvard University
Michael A Edidin Instructor
  • Johns Hopkins University
David M Phillips Instructor
  • Population Council
David Epel Instructor
  • University Of California
  • University Of California San Diego
  • University Of California, San Diego
John Paul Chamberlain Instructor
  • University Of Michigan
Sheldon J Segal Instructor
  • Population Council
Samuel S Koide Instructor
  • Population Council
  • Population Council Rockefeller University
Charles B Metz Instructor
  • University Of Miami
Robin A Wallace Instructor
  • Biological Division Oak Ridge National Lab
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Joel L Rosenbaum Instructor
  • Yale University
Lester Binder Trainee
  • Yale University
William R Eckberg Trainee
  • Michigan State University
Carl Parker Trainee
  • Washington University
George W Smith Trainee
  • Union College
Doris Wall Trainee
  • Cornell University
Mary Lee Sparling Barber Trainee
  • California State University
Bonnie S Dunbar Trainee
  • University Of Miami
Susan J Atlas Trainee
  • University Of Maryland
Utpalendu Maitra Trainee
  • College Of Physicians And Surgeons Columbia University
Joseph Turner Trainee
  • University Of Colorado
David W Bishop Trainee
  • Harvard University
Franklin Collins Trainee
  • University Of California San Diego
Eileen Hickey Weber Trainee
  • Russell Sage College
Barry Zirkin Trainee
  • Johns Hopkins University
Thomas Sardner Trainee
  • University Of Illinois
Carol Ziomek Trainee
  • Johns Hopkins University
James Johnson Trainee
  • Veterans Hospital
Diane Juricek Trainee
  • Emory University
Suzanne Jackowski Trainee
  • University Of Tennessee
31 total attendees representing 25 institutions.

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