Fertilization And Gamete Physiology Research Training Program 1972

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1972 Fertilization And Gamete Physiology Research Training Program


Name Role Affiliation URI
William H Telfer Instructor
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Allen V Schuetz Instructor
  • Johns Hopkins University
John Paul Chamberlain Instructor
  • University Of Washington
Charles B Metz Instructor
  • University Of Miami
Robin A Wallace Instructor
  • Biology Division Oak Ridge National Lab
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Gertrude W Hinsch Instructor
  • University Of Miami Institute Fo Molecular Evolution
  • University Of Miami
Marco Crippa Instructor
  • University Of Geneva
Angela O'Rand Laboratory Assistant
Joseph G Cloud Trainee
  • University Of Wisconsin
Joanne Nickol Trainee
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
James Brian Parent Trainee
  • University Of Virginia
Craig Howe Trainee
  • Cambridge University
Henry Hagedorn Trainee
  • University Of Connecticut
Hameed Al-Hajj Trainee
  • University Of Houston
Robert Bast Trainee
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Jerry Shay Trainee
  • University Of Kansas
Chi Hung Siu Trainee
  • University Of Chicago
Linda Fox Trainee
  • University Of Tennessee
Diane Bennett Trainee
  • University Of Minnesota
Mark Steinberg Trainee
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Larry Ganion Trainee
  • Ball State University
Cracelynn Johnson Trainee
  • Temple University
John Levinson Trainee
  • University Of Michigan
Paul A Rosenberg Trainee
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Margaret Sedensky Trainee
  • University Of Colorado
25 total attendees representing 22 institutions.

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