Year-In-Science (I975-I976) 1976

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1976 Year-In-Science (I975-I976)


Name Role Affiliation URI
James Morris Assistant
  • Ecosystems Center
John Helfrich Assistant
  • Ecosystems Center
Richard Houghton Assistant
  • Ecosystems Center
Timothy Wood Assistant
  • Ecosystems Center
David Juers Assistant
  • Ecosystems Center
Paul Steudler Assistant
  • Ecosystems Center
Daniel Botkin Instructor
  • Ecosystems Center
George Woodwell Instructor
  • Ecosystems Center Marine Biological Laboratory
  • Ecosystems Center
Charles A S Hall Instructor
  • Cornell University And Ecosystems Center
Bruce Peterson Instructor
  • Ecosystems Center
John E. Hobbie Instructor
  • Ecosystems Center
Walter Westman Special Lecturer
  • University Of California
James Haney Special Lecturer
  • University Of New Hampshire
Jo Ann Roskoski Special Lecturer
  • Yale University
John Holdren Special Lecturer
  • University Of California Berkeley
John Milton Special Lecturer
  • Thresholds
John Aber Special Lecturer
  • Yale University
Jawahar Tiwari Special Lecturer
  • Ecosystems Center
Jerry Melillo Special Lecturer
  • Yale University
Stephen Berwick Special Lecturer
  • Yale University
Robert Parker Special Lecturer
  • Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organization
Arturo Gomez-Pompa Special Lecturer
  • Biological Institute
Howard Lawrence Sanders Special Lecturer
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
John Todd Special Lecturer
  • New Alchemy Institute
Myron Heinselman Special Lecturer
  • Us Forest Service
Bruce Leon Student
Linda Collins Student
Cindy Van Dover Student
Richard Boone Student
Timothy Brown Student
Barry Pierce Student
Kathryn Matthew Student
Richard Hurd Student
33 total attendees representing 13 institutions.

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