Microbial Diversity 2000

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Year Course Group
2000 Microbial Diversity


Name Role Affiliation URI
Nell Ament Course Assistant
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Andrew Hawkins Course Coordinator
  • University Of Iowa
Alfred Spormann Director
  • Stanford University
Caroline Harwood Director
  • University Of Iowa
Thomas Schmidt Faculty
  • Michigan State University
Jorg Overmann Faculty
  • University Of Oldenburg
E Peter Greenberg Lecturer
  • University Of Iowa
Graham Walker Lecturer
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Paul Rainey Lecturer
  • Oxford University
Matthew Parsek Lecturer
  • Northwestern University
Pim Stemmer Lecturer
  • Maxygen Inc
Pieter Visscher Lecturer
  • University Of Connecticut
Gary Schoolnik Lecturer
  • Nih
  • Niaid
Edward Delong Lecturer
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Terry Gaasterland Lecturer
  • Rockefeller University
Margaret Mcfall-Ngai Lecturer
  • University Of Hawaii
Nicholas Ornston Lecturer
  • Yale University
Eduardo Groisman Lecturer
  • Washington University School Of Medicine
George Weinstock Lecturer
  • University Of Texas
Bari Scott Student
  • Soundvision Productions Science Writer
Dana Kadavy Student
  • University Of Nebraska
Erin Mcmullin Student
  • Kent State University
James Mccance Student
  • University Of Leicester
Jean Macrae Student
  • University Of Maine
Kristin Lester Student
  • Stanford University
Brajesh Singh Student
  • Imperial College
Dawn Ward Student
  • University Of Delaware
Kevin Begos Student
  • Winston Salem Journal Science Writer
Bradley Stevenson Student
  • Michigan State University
Ruth Blake Student
  • Yale University
Robert D Goldman Student
  • Northwestern University Medical School
  • University Of Houston
Annette Zaar Student
  • Universitat Freiburg
Daniel Buckley Student
  • Michigan State University
Sabrina Powell Student
  • University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill
Mary Jo Kirisits Student
  • University Of Illinois
Colleen Hansel Student
  • Stanford University
Joyce Simpson Student
  • University Of Illinois
Amy Callaghan Student
  • Rutgers University
Li Hung Lin Student
  • Princeton University
Lev Neretin Student
  • Shirshov Institute Of Oceanography
Yoram Barak Student
  • Hebrew University
Jared Leadbetter Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Iowa
Hope Johnson Teaching Assistant
  • Stanford University
Paul Lepp Teaching Assistant
  • Stanford University
Amy Schaefer Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Iowa
45 total attendees representing 35 institutions.

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