Zoology 1934

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1934 Zoology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Charles E Hadley Instructor
  • New Jersey State Teachers College At Montclair
  • Montclair State Teachers College
Olin E Nelsen Instructor
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Benjamin R Coonfield Instructor
  • Brooklyn College
Elbert C Cole Instructor
  • Williams College
Samuel A Matthews Instructor
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Leonard P Sayles Instructor
  • College Of City Of New York
Thomas Hume Bissonnette Instructor
  • Trinity College
Farris H Woods Junior Instructor
  • University Of Missouri
F Ronald Hayes Junior Instructor
  • Dalhousie University
Joseph W Jailer Student
  • College Of City Of New York
Kathleen M Kennedy Student
  • St Francis Xavier University
Julia E Merrill Student
  • Wilson College
Elizabeth H Gay Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Olin S Pettingill, Jr Student
  • Bowdoin College
Irma R Weishaar Student
  • Hunter College
Gerard R Pomerat Student
  • Clark University
Walter Z Bengel Student
  • De Pauw University
Edith M Jakobsen Student
  • New Jersey State Teachers College
Eleanor P Barton Student
  • Edgewood Park Jr College
Otto A Bolt Student
  • Negaunee High School
Dorothy Schoenheit Student
  • University Of Rochester
Claude Leist Student
  • Kansas State Teachers College
Helen V Crouse Student
  • Goucher College
George W Wharton, Jr Student
  • Duke University
Rebecca J Tyson Student
  • Wayne University
Ludwig G Browman Student
  • University Of Chicago
Manuel Glass Student
  • Yale University
Louise L Danforth Student
  • American University
Helen U Mitchell Student
  • Hood College
Richard P Eckels Student
  • University Of Virginia
James H Bragg Student
  • Central State Teachers College
Perry W Gilbert Student
  • Dartmouth College
Marion M Rositzke Student
  • Hunter College
Mary Louise Martin Student
  • Pennsylvania College For Women
Dean F Bumpus Student
  • Oberlin College
Louise Ormsby Student
  • Columbia University
Charlotte C Gross Student
  • Union High School
Rozella Blood Student
  • University Of Kansas
John D Mizelle Student
  • University Of Illinois
S Ralph Andrews, Jr Student
  • American University
Harland B Roney Student
  • University Of Illinois
John H Perry Student
  • Acadia University
Robert W Berliner Student
  • Yale University
Eleanor Leach Student
  • Wellesley College
Yie Chen Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Billie Caldwell Student
Raimon L Beard Student
  • Wesleyan University
Carolyn Anne Hierholzer Student
  • New Jersey College For Women
Alexander Blouin Student
  • Mount St Louis College
Jane Bridgman Student
  • Smith College
Mary J Thayer Student
  • Yale University
Ruth G Hadley Student
John C Wightman Student
  • Oberlin College
Hazel M Morland Student
  • Swarthmore College
Dorothy I Welch Student
  • Radcliffe College
Maurice A Smith Student
  • Wabash College
Flora Ettensperger Student
  • Barnard College
Helen H Schultz Student
  • State Teachers College
Daphne B Swartz Student
  • Bradley Institute
Antonio Dansereau Student
  • Montral College
Alan Gilbert Simpson, Jr Student
  • Wesleyan University
Martha A Bridges Student
  • De Pauw University
Barbara Saunders Student
  • Radcliffe College
63 total attendees representing 50 institutions.

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