Embryology 1948

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1948 Embryology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Albert Tyler Consultant
  • California Institute Of Technology
Hubert B Goodrich Consultant
  • Wesleyan University
Howard L Hamilton Instructor
  • Iowa State College
Donald Paul Costello Instructor
  • University Of North Carolina
Charles B Metz Instructor
  • Yale University
Arthur L Colwin Instructor
  • Queens College
Helen A Padykula Laboratory Assistant
  • Mount Holyoke College
  • Wellesley College
Marjorie Hopkins Fox Research Assistant
  • University Of California
Evelyn Schreiman Student
  • Rutgers University
Edward Jones Student
  • University Of North Carolina
Eugene Clark Student
  • American Museum Of Natural History
Stanley Rhodes Student
  • Duke University
H Duane Heath Student
  • University Of Chicago
Oscar Jaffee Student
  • New York University
Dorothy Washington Student
  • George Washington University
Irene P Anagnostis Student
  • New York University
Rudolph Haffner Student
  • Yale University
Edward Hodgson, Jr Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Doris Todd Student
  • Smith College
John Kent Student
  • Cornell University
Marjorie Raecke Student
  • University Of Nebraska
Betty Danes Student
  • Mount Holyoke College
Harvey Rothberg, Jr Student
  • Princeton University
Edward Clark Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
James Moulton Student
  • Williams College
Edward Daniels Student
  • University Of Illinois
Harold Parks Student
  • Cornell University
George Nace Student
  • University Of California Los Angeles
Louis Nadeau Student
  • Fenwick High School
George Easterling Student
  • Kent State University
Edward Reich Student
  • Mcgill University
Harold Rauch Student
  • Brown University
Jean Opperman Student
  • Seton Hill College
Ruby Watson Student
  • Wheaton College
Fiammeta Rossetti Student
  • University Of Chicago
Eugene Healy Student
  • Columbia University
Benedict Jaskoski Student
  • University Of Minnesota
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