Embryology 1947

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1947 Embryology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Philip B Armstrong Consultant
  • College Of Medicine Syracuse University
Hubert B Goodrich Consultant
  • Wesleyan University
Jean Brachet Instructor
  • University Brussels
John A Moore Instructor
  • Barnard College
Howard L Hamilton Instructor
  • Iowa State College
Donald Paul Costello Instructor
  • University Of North Carolina
Alice H Ferguson Laboratory Assistant
Catherine Henley Laboratory Assistant
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • University Of North Carolina
Marjorie Hopkins Fox Research Assistant
  • University Of California
Charles A Leone Student
  • Rutgers Unviersity
Hyman G Weinstein Student
  • University Of Chicago
Douglas Buchanan Student
  • Dartmouth Medical School
Marilyn Robbins Student
  • Stanford University
Alice E Magdebarger Student
  • Goucher College
Howard Holtzer Student
  • University Of Chicago
Libby Rosenbloom Student
  • University Of Michigan
Henrietta J Hill Student
  • Dickinson College
Helene H Klau Student
  • University Of Oklahoma
Rev J R Cortelyou Student
  • Northwestern University
Preston E Cloud, Jr Student
  • Harvard University
Isaac B Isaac Student
  • Wesleyan University
Adam A Chmielowski Student
  • Marquette University
Marion G Maxon Student
  • Claremont Graduate School
Amos L Jr Hopkins Student
  • Harvard University
  • Harvard College
Mark H Bauer Student
  • Princeton University
Evelyn E Russo Student
  • Rosemont College
John Parman Edwards Student
  • Drury College
Betty G Nelson Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Ellis T Bolton Student
  • Rutgers University
Byron S Wenger Student
  • Washington University
Howard Thomas Odum Student
  • University Of North Carolina
Charles Gomberg Student
  • Mcgill University
Ruth E Shrader Student
  • Yale University Medical School
Emil Zuckerkandl Student
  • University Of Illinois
Julie N Calvert Student
  • Bryn Mawr College
Mary Elizabeth Dickason Student
  • Smith College
Helen A Padykula Student
  • Mount Holyoke College
James H Gregg Student
  • Princeton University
Austin F Riggs Student
  • Harvard College
Richard B Stolack Student
  • University Of North Carolina
Charles B Blair Student
  • University Of North Carolina
M Catherine Hinchey Student
  • Temple University
42 total attendees representing 33 institutions.

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