Workshop On Molecular Evolution 2010

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2010 Workshop On Molecular Evolution


Name Role Affiliation URI
Michael Cummings Course Director
  • University Of Maryland
Peter Beerli Faculty
  • Florida State University
Antonis Rokas Faculty
  • Vanderbilt University
Mark Holder Faculty
  • University Of Kansas
William Pearson Faculty
  • University Of Virginia
Kerry Shaw Faculty
  • Cornell University
Paul Lewis Faculty
  • University Of Connecticut
Fredrik Ronquist Faculty
  • Swedish Museum Of Natural History
Daniel Ayres Faculty
  • University Of Maryland
David Swofford Faculty
  • Duke University
Axel Meyer Faculty
  • University Of Konstanz Germany
Joseph Bielawski Faculty
  • Dalhousie University
Alexei Drummond Faculty
  • University Of Auckland
Adam Bazinet Faculty
  • University Of Maryland
Anne Yoder Faculty
  • Duke University
Paul Turner Faculty
  • Yale University
Mary Kuhner Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Derrick Zwickl Faculty
  • University Of Kansas
Sarah Corse Faculty
  • University Of Virginia
Shozo Yokoyama Faculty
  • Emory University
Austin Huang Student
  • Brown University
Alejandro Grajales Student
  • Richard Gilder Graduate School At American Museum Of Natural History
Sergio Gomez Student
  • Universidad De Los Andes
Lyda Castro Student
  • Universidad Del Magdalena
Scott Gabriel Student
  • Viterbo University
Kari Goodman Student
  • University Of California Berkeley
Jessica Jarett Student
  • University Of New Hampshire
Kenneth Parker Student
  • Old Dominion University
Rebecca Duncan Student
  • University Of Miami
Michael Barton Student
  • Northern Kentucky University
Jelmer Poelstra Student
  • Uppsala University
Matthew Bendall Student
  • Brigham Young University
Daniela Brites Student
  • University Of Basel
Rachel Binet Student
  • Us Food And Drug Administration
Jean Marc Lassance Student
  • Lund University
Alison Heffer Student
  • University Of Maryland College Park
Nina Ronsted Student
  • University Of Copenhagen
Gerard Talavera Student
  • Institute Of Evolutionary Biology Csic Upf
Tomasz Strzala Student
  • Wroclaw University Of Environmental And Life Sciences
Antoinette Piaggio Student
  • Usda National Wildlife Research Center
Marta Moreno Leirana Student
  • New York State Department Of Health
Amy Frary Student
  • Mount Holyoke College
Deogratius Ssemwanga Student
  • Mrc
  • Uvri Uganda Research Unit On Aids
Madhan Tirumalai Student
  • University Of Houston
James Kitchen Student
  • University Of Warwick
Jose Loaiza Student
  • New York State Department Of Health
Pauline Kamath Student
  • University Of California Berkeley
Marina Escalera Student
  • Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico
Francois Michonneau Student
  • University Of Florida
Ricardo Tellez Student
  • Universidad De Los Andes
Anne Frary Student
  • Izmir Institute Of Technology
Leigh Nelson Student
  • Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organization
Armanda Bastos Student
  • University Of Pretoria
Eduardo Castro Nallar Student
  • Brigham Young University
Arun Seetharam Student
  • Indiana State University
Vanessa Montinelli Student
  • Federal University Of Rio De Janeiro
Fernando Marques Student
  • University Of Sao Paulo
Sebastian Duchene Student
  • Universidad De Los Andes
Alice Calvente Student
  • Universidade De Sao Paulo
Martin Stervander Student
  • Lund University
Markus Majaneva Student
  • University Of Helsinki
Matthew Scotch Student
  • Yale University
Maria Gomez Cabrera Student
  • University Of Queensland
Christine Bacon Student
  • Colorado State University
Luisa Hoffmann Student
  • Federal University Of Rio De Janeiro
Sohini Ramachandran Student
  • Brown University
Qi Zheng Student
  • Centers For Disease Control And Prevention
Staffan Bensch Student
  • Lund University
Lorena Endara Student
  • University Of Florida
Jennifer Zaspel Student
  • University Of Minnesota
Pamela Brannock Student
  • University Of South Carolina Columbia
Jenny Johansson Student
  • Linnaeus University
Renata Ferreira Student
  • Federal University Of Sao Paulo
Abhirami Ratnakumar Student
  • Uppsala University
Maria Jos Silva Student
  • Instituto Butantan
Duncan Murdock Student
  • University Of Bristol
Gabriela Gomes Student
  • Instituto Gulbenkian De Ciencia
Tonya Mousseau Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Calgary
Renata Lellis Teaching Assistant
  • Fiocruz
Natalie Horton Teaching Assistant
  • Bangor University
Felipe Zapata Teaching Assistant
  • University Of California Berkeley
81 total attendees representing 64 institutions.

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