Protozoology 1930

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1930 Protozoology


Name Role Affiliation URI
R Obertsa Rugh Instructor
  • Columbia University
Rachel Bowling Instructor
  • Columbia University
Gary N Calkins Instructor
  • Columbia University
Maxwell N Weisman Student
  • College Of City Of New York
Bernhard Steinberg Student
  • Toledo Hospital
Claire M Smith Student
  • Hunter College
John R Embich Student
  • Columbia University
Minnie B Scotland Student
  • New York State College For Teachers
Camille Lherisson Student
  • University Of Haiti Medical School
Sister M Muriel Flammon Student
  • Seton Hill College
Katherine S Brehme Student
  • Barnard College
Willie A Morgan Student
  • Coker College
Donald Paul Costello Student
  • College Of City Of Detroit
Abraham H Schoelt Student
  • Columbia University
Lois E Master Student
  • Elmira College
Mary Elizabeth Fyre Student
  • Pennsylvania College For Women
Helen D Carter Student
  • Elmira College
17 total attendees representing 12 institutions.

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