Neurobiology And Development Of The Leech 1995

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1995 Neurobiology And Development Of The Leech


Name Role Affiliation URI
Zara Herskovits Course Assistant
  • Yale University
Pierre Drapeau Director
  • Montreal General Hospital Research Institute
Kenneth Muller Faculty
  • University Of Miami School Of Medicine
Oystein H Olsen Faculty
  • Emory University
William B Jr Kristan Faculty
  • University Of California San Diego
Susanna Blackshaw Faculty
  • University Of Glasgow
Jorgen Johansen Faculty
  • Iowa State University
Martin Shankland Faculty
  • Harvard Medical School
Francisco Fernandez De Miguel Faculty
  • Universidad Nacional Autonoma
Peter Brodfuehrer Faculty
  • Bryn Mawr College
Eduardo Macagno Faculty
  • Columbia University
John Jellies Faculty
  • Western Michigan University
Anna Kleinhaus Faculty
  • New York Medical College
Shirley Bissen Faculty
  • University Of Missouri
John G Nicholls Faculty
  • University Of Basel
David Weisblat Faculty
  • University Of California Berkeley
Aileen Chen Student
  • University Of Miami School Of Medicine
Claudia Basso Student
  • University Of Chile
Mitchell Sanders Student
  • Whitehead Institute
Easton Reid Student
  • Meharry Medical College
James Harvey Student
  • University Of California Riverside
Jagdeep Kaur Student
  • Tata Institute Of Fundamental Research
Yueqiao Huang Student
  • Iowa State University
Heather Johnston Student
  • University Of Glasgow
Atsushi Kawakami Student
  • Nagoya University
Rommy Von Bernhardi Student
  • University Of Santiago
Timothy Fort Student
  • University Of Rhode Island
Yong Wang Student
  • Purdue University
28 total attendees representing 25 institutions.

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