Zoology 1894

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1894 Zoology
1894 Zoology
1894 Zoology
1894 Zoology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Pierre A Fish Instructor
  • Cornell University
Edwin Grant Conklin Instructor
  • Northwestern University
Oliver Smith Strong Instructor
  • Columbia College
J Playfair Mcmurrich Instructor
  • University Of Cincinnati
James L Kellogg Instructor
  • Olivet College
William M Rankin Instructor
  • College Of New Jersey
George Baur Instructor
  • University Of Chicago
Albert D Mead Instructor
  • University Of Chicago
Frank R Lillie Instructor
  • University Of Chicago
Sho Watase Instructor
  • University Of Chicago
Catharine Barbour Student
Edith L Clark Student
  • Misses Haywards School For Girls
Mary Dickerson Student
C D Wood Student
  • Deaf Mute Institution
Lelia C Deane Student
  • Vassar College
Alice G Beede Student
  • Mt Holyoke College
J I France Student
  • Hamilton College
Ed Rynearson Student
William Henry Munson Student
  • Hillsdale College
Charlotte Bushnell Student
Bradney B Griffin Student
Marion Coon Student
  • Boston University School Of Medicine
Julia Ellsworth Student
Robert P Starkweather Student
  • Columbia College Of Physicians And Surgeons
Isabella S Barrows Student
Elonia Andre Student
Arthur Ellsworth Hunt Student
  • New Hampshire Conference Seminary And Female College
Harriet T Gallup Student
  • Grant College Institute
Myrtilla A Crawford Student
  • Buffalo High School
W H Sherzer Student
  • Michigan State Normal School
Mary O Dean Student
  • Womans College
Jessie Glyde Macrum Student
  • New York Womans Medical College
John A Sampson Student
  • Williams College
Geo D Firmin Student
  • Ne Manual Training School
Gaylord Parsons Clark Student
  • Syracuse University
Wm Scott Student
  • Normal School
Emily S Richards Student
S Edith Ives Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
R H Cowley Student
  • Ottawa Collegiate Institute
M L Nichols Student
  • Girls Normal School
Florence E Flagg Student
  • Mt Hermon School
Lucy C Gendell Student
  • Girls Normal School
L K Russell Student
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
V E Mccaskell Student
  • Ohio Wesleyan University
E M Pallette Student
  • Northwestern University
Grace Mccullough Student
  • Womans College
Margaret W Morley Student
  • Armour Institute
Fred L Charles Student
  • Northwestern University
Lillian M Towne Student
Samuel S Maxwell Student
  • Monmouth College
W J Moenkhaus Student
  • Indiana University
Sarah P Monks Student
  • State Normal School
E H Ewing Student
  • Princeton College
Alice Wilson Wilcox Student
Evelyn E Morse Student
Caroline Burling Thompson Student
  • Drexel Institute
G D Stahley Student
  • Pennsylvania College
Cora Bell Mudge Student
Franklin W Barrows Student
Mary L Lugg Student
E C Walden Student
  • Rush University
Ernest V Hubbard Student
  • Columbia College
Lydia Van Meter Student
  • Womans College
63 total attendees representing 39 institutions.

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