Botany 1957

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1957 Botany


Name Role Affiliation URI
Gina Arce Collector
  • Vanderbilt University
William Randolph Taylor Consultant
  • University Of Michigan
Robert W Krauss Instructor
  • University Of Maryland
Harold C Bold Instructor
  • Vanderbilt University
Richard C Starr Instructor
  • Indiana University
Raymond A Galloway Laboratory Assistant
  • University Of Maryland
Eugene Fox Laboratory Assistant
  • Indiana University
Ruth Patrick Lecturer
  • Academy Of Natural Science Of Philadelphia
Gisela Paoli Student
  • Chatham College
Flora Aronson Student
  • Brooklyn College
Bruce Parker Student
  • Yale University
Stephanie Walser Student
  • Radcliffe College
Edward Kuenzler Student
  • University Of Georgia
Elizabeth Klepper Student
  • Vanderbilt University
Elizabeth Arnold Student
  • University Of Rochester
Joseph Frankel Student
  • Yale University
Henry Muschio Student
  • Fordham University
Julia Hershkowitz Student
  • Antioch College
Leonard Tews Student
  • Indiana University
Carl Prota Student
  • Fordham University
Philip William Cook Student
  • University Of Vermont
Ralph Moreland, Jr Student
  • Indiana University
Eleanor Rice Student
  • Wheaton College
Carl Keeler, Jr Student
  • Northwestern University
Marilyn Czelusniak Student
  • Smith College
Fred Abeles Student
  • Cornell University
G Benjamin Bouck Student
  • Columbia University
Hyangju Paik Student
  • Wellesley College
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