Botany 1954

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Year Course Group
1954 Botany


Name Role Affiliation URI
Ann Allen Collector
  • University Of Indiana
Maxwell S Doty Consultant
  • University Of Hawaii
William Randolph Taylor Consultant
  • University Of Michigan
Franz Moewus Instructor
  • University Of Heidelberg Columbia University
  • Columbia University
Harold C Bold Instructor
  • Vanderbilt University
Richard C Starr Instructor
  • Indiana University
  • University Of Indiana
Walter R Herndon Laboratory Assistant
  • Vanderbilt University
Francis R Trainor Student
  • Vanderbilt University
Roberta L Davis Student
  • Clark University
Marianna Masiello Student
  • Hunter College
Jance Pastorius Student
  • Mount Holyoke College
Josephine Helen Macfadgen Student
  • Acadia University
Elizabeth Gayer Corwin Student
  • Ohio University
Mary Fisher Student
  • Drew University
Joanna Woodson Student
  • Womans College University Of North Carolina
William Redding Student
  • Depauw University
Watson Laetsch Student
  • Wabash College
Spencer Apollonio Student
  • Bowdoin College
Jane Larson Student
  • Clark University
19 total attendees representing 17 institutions.

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