Embryology 1977

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1977 Embryology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Marc R Laufer Assistant
Nancy Joan Wright Assistant
  • Duke University
Randal Gerber Assistant
  • University Of Hawaii
W Steven Adair Assistant
  • Wesleyan University
Birgit Rose Instructor
  • University Of Miami School Of Medicine
  • University Of Miami
Richard Kevin Hunt Instructor
  • Johns Hopkins University
Stanley Cohen Instructor
  • Vanderbilt University
David Epel Instructor
  • University Of California
  • Hopkins Marine Station
  • University Of California San Diego
Tim Hunt Instructor
  • University Of Cambridge
Tom D Humphreys Instructor
  • University Of Hawaii
Kathryn Tosney Student
Estralita Jones Student
Virginia Black Student
Charles P Bean Student
Thomas Aune Student
Joseph Cummins Student
Quentin Tonelli Student
David Bader Student
Thomas Poole Student
Scott Fraser Student
Janice Jerdan Student
David Beach Student
Edward Williams Student
Mark Emmerling Student
Kenneth Anderson Student
Edward Tucker Student
Henry Wiley Student
Audrey Robinson Student
Jai Hyon Rho Student
John Naftel Student
Randal Johnston Student
Alina Lopo Student
Holly Thompson Student
Sally Hoskins Student
David Garling Student
35 total attendees representing 11 institutions.

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