Embryology 1976

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1976 Embryology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Kenneth Cole Kleene Assistant
  • University Of Hawaii
Roger Duncan Assistant
  • University Of Hawaii
Jean Paul Revel Instructor
  • California Institute Of Technology
Barbara Hamkalo Instructor
  • University Of California Irvine
Laurence Kedes Instructor
  • Stanford School Of Medicine
David Epel Instructor
  • Scripps Institute Of Oceanography University Of California San Diego
  • Scripps Institution Of Oceanography
  • University Of California, San Diego
Michael Robash Instructor
  • Brandeis University
Tom D Humphreys Instructor
  • Pacific Biomedical Research Center University Of Hawaii
  • University Of Hawaii
Joan V. Ruderman Instructor
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Linda Fregien Staff Associate
  • University Of Hawaii
Clarissa M Cheney Student
Theodore Bremner Student
Barbara Braun Student
Robert Steele Student
Allen Rosenspire Student
Cynthia French Student
Barbara Nagle Student
Christine Vito Student
Madelyn Baran Student
Peter Merrifield Student
Carey Phillips Student
Nevis Fregien Student
Jeffrey Griffiths Student
Burton Pogel Student
Miguel Flecha Student
Terrence Hall Student
Mark Marchionni Student
David States Student
Roberto Marco Student
Eric Fyrberg Student
Lynn Golden Student
Kerry Bloom Student
Charles Vaslet Student
Bruce Parsons Student
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