Molecular Mycology: Current Approaches To Fungal Pathogenesis 1999

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1999 Molecular Mycology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Brian Sandri Course Assistant
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Aaron Mitchell Director
  • Columbia University
Pete Magee Director
  • University Of Minnesota
John Jr Edwards Director
  • Harbor Ucla Medical Center
Robert Davidson Faculty
  • Duke University Medical Center
Judith Rhodes Faculty
  • University Of Cincinnati
Juneann Murphy Faculty
  • University Of Oklahoma
Dana Davis Faculty
  • Columbia University
Elizabeth Keath Faculty
  • St Louis University School Of Medicine
William Fonzi Faculty
  • Georgetown University Medical Center
Malcolm Whiteway Faculty
  • National Research Council
Brian Oliver Faculty
  • University Of Cincinnati
Joseph Heitman Faculty
  • Duke University Medical Center
June Kwon-Chung Faculty
  • National Institutes Of Health
Bruce Klein Faculty
  • University Of Wisconsin
Jennifer Lodge Faculty
  • St Louis University School Of Medicine
Garry Cole Faculty
  • Medical College Of Ohio
Theodore White Faculty
  • Seattle Biomedical Research Institute
Myra Kurtz Faculty
  • Merck Research Labs
Arturo Casadevall Faculty
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Scott Filler Faculty
  • Harbor Ucla Medical Center
Cristina Cruz Student
  • Duke University Medical Center
Christina Smith Student
  • Suny Buffalo
Floyd Wormley Student
  • Louisiana State University Medical Center
Gina Devasahayam Student
  • Wadsworth Center
Vladimir Efimov Student
  • University Of Medicine And Dentistry
Nancy Miller Student
  • Johns Hopkins Medical Institution
Alan Goldstein Student
  • Duke University
Leah Cowen Student
  • University Of Toronto
Gary Bammert Student
  • Pharmacia And Upjohn
Steven Giles Student
  • University Of Wisconsin Madison
Christina Kellogg Student
  • Georgetown University
Amy Warenda Student
  • Suny Stony Brook
Marisol De Jesus-Berrios Student
  • University Of Puerto Rico
Nicholas Latouche Student
  • Westmead Hospital Sydney University
Kenneth Nickerson Student
  • University Of Nebraska
Diane Inglis Student
  • University Of California San Francisco
37 total attendees representing 31 institutions.

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