Workshop On Molecular Evolution 2003

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Year Course Group
2003 Workshop On Molecular Evolution


Name Role Affiliation URI
Michael Cummings Course Director
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
  • University Of Maryland
Peter Beerli Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Scott Edwards Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Michael Miyamoto Faculty
  • University Of Florida
Jonathan Eisen Faculty
  • Institute For Genomic Research
Steve Thompson Faculty
  • Florida State University
David Swofford Faculty
  • Florida State University
Joseph Felsenstein Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Daniel Myers Faculty
  • Pomona College
Axel Meyer Faculty
  • University Of Konstanz
Ziheng Yang Faculty
  • University College London
Anne Yoder Faculty
  • Yale University
Paul Turner Faculty
  • Yale University
Mary Kuhner Faculty
  • University Of Washington
David Rand Faculty
  • Brown University
Margaret Riley Lecturer
  • Yale University
Mark Holder Lecturer
  • University Of Connecticut
William Pearson Lecturer
  • University Of Virginia
Daniel Voytas Lecturer
  • Iowa State University
Patrick O'Grady Student
  • American Museum Of Natural History
Zlatko Satovic Student
  • University Of Zagreb
Lisa Kirkendale Student
  • University Of Florida
Sean Mullen Student
  • Cornell University
Kendra Nightingale Student
  • Cornell University
Jose Godoy Student
  • Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas
Annette Govindarajan Student
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Brian Verrelli Student
  • University Of Maryland
Niklaus Grunwald Student
  • United States Department Of Agriculture
Sudhindra Gadagkar Student
  • University Of Dayton
Marc Kochzius Student
  • University Of Bremen
Martine Zilversmit Student
  • Harvard University
Nerida Wilson Student
  • University Of Queensland
Frederic Tripet Student
  • University Of California Davis
Chelsea Specht Student
  • New York Botanical Garden
Bo Wu Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine
Trina Roberts Student
  • University Of Chicago
Cedric Berney Student
  • University Of Geneva
Carolin Frank Student
  • Uppsala University
Andrea Waschenbach Student
  • University Of Wales Swansea
James Wasmuth Student
  • University Of Edinburgh
Ana Carolina Carnaval Student
  • University Of Chicago
Richard Pilon Student
  • Health Canada
Robert Heckendorn Student
  • University Of Idaho
Valerie Reeb Student
  • Duke University
Jon Stone Student
  • Mcmaster University
Per Erixon Student
  • Uppsala University
Matthew Meselson Student
  • Harvard University
Mary Beth Saffo Student
  • Harvard University
Roman Biek Student
  • University Of Montana
Asa Nyberg Student
  • Umea University
Lena Hileman Student
  • Yale University
Rachel Ravago-Gotanco Student
  • University Of Philippines Diliman
Nathan Haigh Student
  • University Of York
Kelly Gallagher Student
  • New Mexico State University
Claire Larroux Student
  • University Of Queensland
Sabine Loew Student
  • Illinois State University
Joanne Porter Student
  • University Of Wales Swansea
Kara O'Keefe Student
  • Yale University
Joong Ki Park Student
  • Chungbuk National University
Jukka Palo Student
  • University Of Helsinki
Kelly Dyer Student
  • University Of Rochester
Tim Gleeson Student
  • Health Canada
Amy Russell Student
  • University Of Tennessee
Pablo Vinuesa Student
  • National Autonomous University Of Mexico
Evan Braswell Student
  • New Mexico State University
Martin Coetzee Student
  • University Of Pretoria
Kim Scribner Student
  • Michigan State University
Nina Stoletzki Student
  • University Of Hannover
Gregory O'Mullan Student
  • Princeton University
Andrew Miller Student
  • University Of Illinois
Kellie Heckman Student
  • Yale University
Patricia Showers Corneli Student
  • University Of Utah
Lee Pike Student
  • East Tennessee State University
Heidi Schwaninger Student
  • Usda Ars Pgru
Vini Pereira Student
  • Imperial College London
Karin Tremetsberger Student
  • University Of Vienna
Janet Smith Student
  • Boston Biomedical Research Institute
Sofia Berlin Student
  • Uppsala University
Wayne Delport Student
  • University Of Pretoria
Matthew Dean Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Iowa
Johanna Fehling Teaching Assistant
  • Scottish Association For Marine Science
David Kysela Teaching Assistant
  • Yale University
Scott Handley Teaching Assistant
  • Washington University
83 total attendees representing 61 institutions.

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