Botany 1927

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Year Course Group
1927 Botany


Name Role Affiliation URI
Ivey Foreman Lewis Instructor
  • University Of Virginia
William Randolph Taylor Instructor
  • University Of Pennsylvania
James Plummer Poole Instructor
  • Dartmouth College
Evelyn Clare Wells Student
  • University Of Tennessee
Theresa P Pyle Student
  • Smith College
Katherine W Hoppaugh Student
Francis F Dunbar Student
  • Harvard University
Barbara Mcclintock Student
  • Cornell University
Ernst Naylor Student
  • University Of Missouri
Constance Macfarlane Student
Ruth M Patrick Student
  • Coker College
Irene Fort Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Carolyn Baker Student
Kate Pinsdorf Student
  • Smith College
Bernice Keith Student
W B Bowers Student
  • Harvard University
Francis L Jewett Student
Ruth Helen Zimmermann Student
  • Brockton High School
Don L Husted Student
  • Oberlin College
19 total attendees representing 11 institutions.

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