Physiology 1975

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1975 Physiology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Ellen Kraig Assistant
  • Brandeis University
Martha A Barrett Assistant
  • University Of Colorado
Carol L Reinisch Consultant
  • Sidney Farber Cancer Center
  • Sidney Farber Cancer Center Harvard Medical School
Matthew Scharff Consultant
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Gary K Ackers Consultant
  • University Of Virginia
Raymond Hamers Consultant
  • Free University Of Belgium
Allen Edmundson Consultant
  • Argonne National Laboratory
Jean Lindenmann Consultant
  • University Of Zurich
Dennis Barrett Instructor
  • University Of Denver
John J Cebra Instructor
  • Johns Hopkins University
Thomas D Pollard Instructor
  • Harvard Medical School
  • Harvard University
Thomas Bachi Instructor
  • University Of Zurich
Paul Klein Instructor
  • University Of Florida College Of Medicine
Ru Chih C Huang Instructor
  • Johns Hopkins University
Pien Chien Huang Instructor
  • Johns Hopkins University School Of Hygiene And Public Health
Robert A Prendergast Instructor
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine
Dennis A Powers Instructor
  • Johns Hopkins University
Gerald Weissmann Instructor
  • New York University Medical Center
  • New York University School Of Medicine
  • New York University
Joseph D Ilan Special Lecturer
  • Case Western Reserve University School Of Medicine
  • Case Western Reserve Medical School
  • Case Western Reserve University
Raymond Edward Stephens Special Lecturer
  • Brandeis University
  • Brandeis University Marine Biological Laboratory
H S Rosenkrantz Special Lecturer
  • College Of Physicians And Surgeons Columbia University
Thomas 0 Baldwin Special Lecturer
  • Harvard University
Andrew Szent-Gyorgi Special Lecturer
  • Brandeis University
Clarke Millette Special Lecturer
  • Harvard Medical School
Richard Wayne Linck Special Lecturer
  • Harvard Medical School
Leon P Weiss Special Lecturer
  • Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine
John Robbins Special Lecturer
  • Bureau Of Biological Standards
Richard Laursen Special Lecturer
  • Boston University
Thomas Stossel Special Lecturer
  • Childrens Hospital Boston
Shinya Inoue Special Lecturer
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Manfred Nahmmacher Special Lecturer
  • Leitz Company
Gary G Borisy Special Lecturer
  • University Of Wisconsin
Randy Emmons Staff Associate
  • Washington And Lee University
William F. Marzluff Staff Associate
  • University Of South Florida
Douglass Jane Forbes Staff Associate
  • University Of Oregon
Rebecca Emmons Staff Associate
  • University Of Virginia Medical School
Alex Evers Staff Associate
  • New York University Medical School
Sharon Reed Staff Associate
  • Harvard Medical School
Keigi Fujiwara Staff Associate
  • Harvard Medical School
Paul L Black Staff Associate
  • Johns Hopkins University
Tucker Collins Staff Associate
  • Amherst College
  • University Of Rochester Medical School
Charles M Rice Staff Associate
  • California Institute Of Technology
Nancy Weigel Staff Associate
  • Johns Hopkins University
Marcus Fechheimer Student
John Jacobs Student
Patricia D'Amore Student
Carl Wu Student
Drew Lambert Student
Howard Lowy Student
Daniel P Kiehart Student
H Kirk Zeigler Student
Deborah Smith Student
Martina Wiesmann Student
Rene Michel Student
James E Stanchfield Student
Jeffrey Landercasper Student
Wendy Cook Student
Harold J Drabkin Student
Barry Muhoberac Student
Paul Bleicher Student
Michel Nussenzweig Student
Richard Peluso Student
Sylvia Goodson Student
Richard Krasnow Student
David Beswick Student
Ernest Snow, Jr Student
Patricia Detmers Student
David Lincoln Student
Richard Glad Student
Glenn D Smith Student
Pamela Allen Student
Charles Bernard Markowitz Student
Brian Gourlie Student
Charles Swenberg Student
Robert Steinbrook Student
Mark Singer Student
76 total attendees representing 38 institutions.

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