Semester In Environmental Science 2002

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Year Course Group
2002 Semester In Environmental Science


Name Role Affiliation URI
Frances Johnson-Horman Administrative Assistant
Kenneth Foreman Associate Director
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
John E. Hobbie Director
Christopher Neill Faculty
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Gaius Shaver Faculty
Linda Deegan Faculty
Joseph Vallino Faculty
Kenneth Foreman Faculty
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Charles Hopkinson Faculty
Jerry Melillo Faculty
Anne Giblin Faculty
Edward Rasletter Faculty
George Liles Faculty
Paul Steudler Faculty
Bruce Peterson Faculty
John E. Hobbie Faculty
Michele Bahr Research/Teaching Assistant
Bonnie Kwiatkowski Research/Teaching Assistant
Tori Ziemann Research/Teaching Assistant
Joel Creswell Research/Teaching Assistant
Kris Tholke Research/Teaching Assistant
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Jennifer Bowen Research/Teaching Assistant
Patricia Micks Research/Teaching Assistant
Joshua Havassy Student
  • Haverford College
Mary Dean Student
  • Ripon College
Gabriella Engelhart Student
  • Lafayette College
Stephanie Stern Student
  • Wellesley College
Sarah Leahy Student
  • Wheaton College
Christopher Freeman Student
  • Connecticut College
Joshua Lindell Student
  • Dickinson College
Rachael Roberts Student
  • Skidmore College
Allison Burce Student
  • Harvey Mudd College
Jennifer Franklin Student
  • Wheaton College
Julie Wright Student
  • Wellesley College
Maureen Copeland Student
  • Allegheny College
Laurie Fila Student
  • Mount Holyoke College
Claire Leamy Student
  • Wellesley College
William Webster Student
  • Trinity University
Jenny Kennedy Student
  • Clarkson University
Moonkoo Simon Kang Student
  • Clark University
Alexandra Shea Student
  • Earlham College
Jacqueline Adams Student
  • Ripon College
42 total attendees representing 16 institutions.

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