Neural Systems And Behavior 1980

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1980 Neural Systems And Behavior


Name Role Affiliation URI
Kenneth Muller Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Carnegie Institute
William B Jr Kristan Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of California San Diego
Adrianus Kalmijn Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Walter Stewart Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • National Institutes Of Health
Joachim Erber Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Free University Of Berlin
John Palka Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of Washington
William Quinn Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Princeton University
Margaret C Nelson Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Cornell University
Ronald L Calabrese Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Emory University
Juergen Milde Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Free University Of Berlin
Cyrus Levinthal Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Columbia University
Alan Gelperin Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Princeton University
Darcey Kelley Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Princeton University
Eduardo Macagno Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Columbia University
Vera Kalmijn Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Jeffrey Hall Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Brandeis University
Douglas Ray Kankel Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Yale University
Charles Derby Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Boston University
  • Georgia State University
Keir Pearson Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of Alberta
Thomas Eisner Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Cornell University
William Keeton Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Cornell University
John G Nicholls Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Stanford University
H Robert Horvitz Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Francois Levinthal Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Columbia University
Linda Hall Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Randall Stewart Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Texas Tech
Keith Purpura Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Columbia University
David Bentley Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of California Berkeley
Ronald R Hoy Instructor-In-Chief
  • Cornell University
Mark Plummer Student
  • Stanford University
Jonathan Fritz Student
  • Washington University School Of Medicine
Susan Miyamoto Student
  • University Of Hawaii
Catherine Babbin Student
  • Duke University
Ruth Kearns Student
  • North Carolina State University
Elizabeth Staley Student
  • University Of Connecticut
Mary Ann Rankin Student
  • University Of Texas
Richard Lebovitz Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Matthew Waldor Student
  • Yale University
Wulfila Gronenberg Student
  • Free University Of Berlin
Thomas Consi Student
  • Columbia University
Michael Elias Student
  • Harvard University
Karen Jelly Student
  • Wesleyan University
Samuel Beshers Student
  • City College Of New York
Martha Tobias Student
  • Case Western Reserve University
Sandra Cottingham Student
  • Indiana University
Curtis Phifer Student
  • University Of Kentucky
Haruhiko Itagaki Student
  • Duke University
Dixon Wilde Student
  • University Of Rhode Island
Michael Gorczyca Student
  • Brandeis University
Barry Layton Student
  • Mcgill University
Shawn Lockery Student
  • Yale University
Susan De Riemer Student
  • Yale University
Ramona Chube Student
  • Temple University
53 total attendees representing 36 institutions.

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