Experimental Marine Botany 1973

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Year Course Group
1973 Experimental Marine Botany


Name Role Affiliation URI
Kenneth Malinowski Assistant
  • Yale University
Richard Wetherbee Assistant
  • University Of Michigan
Jerome A Schiff Consultant
  • Brandeis University
Martin Gibbs Consultant
  • Brandeis University
Ralph Stephen Quatrano Consultant
  • Oregon State University
Frank A Loewus Consultant
  • State University Of New York At Buffalo
William Randolph Taylor Consultant
  • University Of Michigan
Michael J Wynne Consultant
  • University Of Texas Austin
  • University Of Texas At Austin
John West Instructor
  • University Of California Berkeley
Joe Ramus Special Lecturer
  • Yale University
John J Lee Special Lecturer
  • University Of New York
  • City College City University Of New York
Gordon Leedale Special Lecturer
  • University Of Leeds
George F Papenfuss Special Lecturer
  • University Of California
Gordon Scott Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Rae Rachael Averback Student
  • Bard College
Allice Bordwell Fulton Student
  • Brown University
Susan Brawley Student
  • Wellesley College
William Denis Riley Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Richard Stead Student
  • University Of Wisconsin
Sister Cecilia Agnes Student
  • Regis College
John Straus Student
  • Earlham College
Patricia Ann Lunn Student
  • Drew University
Paula Faye Dehn Student
  • De Pauw University
Deborah Ward Student
  • Harvard University Radcliffe College
Rebekah Ann Postelle Student
  • Tennessee Wesleyan College
John Dean Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Duenying Jennette Yen Student
  • Bryn Mawr College
Dennis Levandoski Student
  • Brooklyn College
28 total attendees representing 25 institutions.

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