Experimental Marine Botany 1972

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1972 Experimental Marine Botany


Name Role Affiliation URI
Monica Lik Shing Tsang Assistant
  • Brandeis University
Richard Wetherbee Assistant
  • University Of Michigan
Harold W Siegelman Consultant
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory
Harlyn O Halvorson Consultant
  • Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center Brandeis University
  • Brandeis University
William Randolph Taylor Consultant
  • University Of Michigan
Jerome A Schiff Instructor
  • Brandeis University
Johan A Hellebust Instructor
  • University Of Toronto
Ralph Stephen Quatrano Instructor
  • Oregon State University
Frank A Loewus Instructor
  • State University Of New York At Buffalo
Michael J Wynne Instructor
  • University Of Texas Austin
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Joe Ramus Special Lecturer
  • Yale University
Anthony G San Pietro Special Lecturer
  • Indiana University
Martin Gibbs Special Lecturer
  • Brandeis University
Norman I Krinsky Special Lecturer
  • Tufts University School Of Medicine
Peter Kilham Special Lecturer
  • University Of Michigan
Winslow Briggs Special Lecturer
  • Harvard University
David Chapman Special Lecturer
  • University Of Chicago
R Bachofen Special Lecturer
  • University Of Zurich
Andre Jagen Dorf Special Lecturer
  • Cornell University
Carl A Price Special Lecturer
  • Particle Separation Facility Rutgers University
  • Rutgers University
Nina Stromgren Allen Special Lecturer
  • State University Of New York At Albany
Hans Gaffron Special Lecturer
  • Florida State University
Michele Crayton Student
  • Oregon State University
Mark Goldman Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Ann Sakai Student
  • Oberlin College
Martha Tripp Student
  • Florida State University
Ernest Wilson Student
  • Virginia State College
Jonathan Staley Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Gail Cottet Student
  • Keuka College
Joyce Levingston Krohn Student
  • State University Of New York Stony Brook
Janet Yagoda Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Abraham Vaisberg Student
  • Brandeis University
Kyrsis Rodriguez Student
  • University Of Puerto Rico
Bruce R Telzer Student
  • Yale University
Gary C Harris Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Judith Story Student
  • University Of New Hampshire
36 total attendees representing 27 institutions.

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