Systematics-Ecology Program 1971

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1971 Systematics-Ecology Program


Name Role Affiliation URI
Robert T Wilce Acting Resident Systematist (Botany)
Constance Brackett Administrative Assistant
William Plettner Boatswain
Peter Graham Captain
Francis Doohan Captain
David Downing Collaborator
Virginia Peters Collaborator
James Schaadt Collaborator
William Randolph Taylor Consultant
  • University Of Michigan
Robert T Wilce Consultant
Ruth Turner Consultant
Wesley Tiffney Curator (Biology, Part Time)
Johanna Reinhart Curator (Zoology)
Melbourne R Carriker Director
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Charlene D'Avanzo Graduate Research Trainee
Bruce Found Graduate Research Trainee
Walter Hatch Graduate Research Trainee
Warren Kaplan Graduate Research Trainee
Roy M Yarnell Graduate Research Trainee
Stewart Jacobson Graduate Research Trainee
Joe Wright Graduate Research Trainee
John Aldrich Graduate Research Trainee
Charles Krebs Graduate Research Trainee
Stephen Young Mate
Francis Doohan Mate
Nell Backus Participant
Shirley Holbrook Participant
James Fiore Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate
Allan Michael Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate
William J Woelkerling Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate
Lawrence R Mccloskey Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate
Raymond Markel Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate
Leland Pollock Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate
Eva Montiero Program Secretary
Dudley Greeley Research Assistant
John J Mcmahon Research Assistant
Carol Parmenter Research Assistant
Eric Teal Research Assistant
Margaret Mills Research Assistant
Richard Wynne Research Assistant
Carol Schwamb Research Assistant
Paul Ruhlman Research Assistant
Ann Cody Research Assistant
Patricia Hughes Research Assistant
Tracy Mclellan Research Assistant
Mary Lee Wilson Research Assistant
Richard Traverse Research Assistant
Warren Sass Research Assistant
Gene Crouch Research Assistant
Dirk Van Zandt Research Assistant
Martha Swartz Research Assistant
Greg Ruppert Research Assistant
Nancy Mcnelly Research Assistant
Theodore Grant Research Assistant
Helen Ortins Research Assistant
Ivan Valiela Resident Ecologist
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
William Stewart Resident Environmental Physiologist
  • University Of California Santa Barbara
Arthur G Humes Resident Systematist (Zoology)
Ruth Von Arx Scientific Illustrator
Susan Heller Scientific Illustrator
Peter Oldham Technical Field Assistant
Louise Bush Visiting Investigator
William C Summers Visiting Investigator
Harold Plough Visiting Investigator
Wesley Tiffney Visiting Investigator
David Young Visiting Investigator
Marie Abbott Visiting Investigator
Joel O'Connor Visiting Investigator
Patricia Dudley Visiting Investigator
Ruth Turner Visiting Investigator
William Woelkerling Visiting Investigator
Philip Person Visiting Investigator
  • Veterans Administration Hospital
  • Special Research Laboratory Veterans Administration Hospital
Katharine Hobson Visitor
Donald W Bourne Visitor
  • Marine Research Foundation Inc
74 total attendees representing 6 institutions.

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