Biomedical Informatics I 2010

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Year Course Group
2010 Biomedical Informatics


Name Role Affiliation URI
James Cimino Course Director
  • National Institutes Of Health
Joyce Mitchell Course Director
  • University Of Utah
Steven Phillips Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Alexa Mccray Faculty
  • Harvard Medical School
Roberto Rocha Faculty
  • Partners Healthcare System Inc
Kathi Canese Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Catherine Staes Faculty
  • University Of Utah
Lawrence Kingsland Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine Ret
Charles Friedman Faculty
  • Department Of Health And Human Services
Michael Ackerman Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Kevin Johnson Faculty
  • Vanderbilt University
William Hammond Faculty
  • Duke University
Donald Lindberg Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Joan Ash Faculty
  • Oregon Health And Science University
Lynette Dickson Student
  • University Of North Dakota School Of Medicine
Kitani Parker-Johnson Student
  • Xavier University Of Louisiana
Charlene Walvoord Student
  • Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
Emily Molanphy Student
  • New York University
Elizabeth Marvel Student
  • Marcus Autism Center
Marco Araujo Student
  • Intermeds And Advanced Pain Management
Angela Diop Student
  • Unity Health Care Inc
Christian Munyaburanga Student
  • Rwanda Development Board Information Technology
Denise Shereff Student
  • University Of South Florida College Of Medicine
Mihaela Perijoc Student
  • Inpatient Physician Associates
Daniel Ullmann Student
  • Pacific University Of Oregon
Alex Gavino Student
  • University Of Philippines Manila
Suzanne Badman Student
  • Syracuse University
Ellie Bushhousen Student
  • University Of Florida
Endre Aas Student
  • Innlandet Hospital Trust
Margaret Henderson Student
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
Keisha Johnson Student
  • Health Resources And Service Administration
  • Office Of Health Information Technology
Maureen Knapp Student
  • Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
Mark Maceachern Student
  • University Of Michigan
Kevin Larsen Student
  • Hennepin County Medical Center
Amy Blevins Student
  • East Carolina University
Sarah Jewell Student
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Ryan Steinberg Student
  • Stanford University
Kevin Bock Student
  • North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System
John Cowger Student
  • Lake Region State College
Joseph Conigliaro Student
  • University Of Kentucky
David Howse Student
  • University Of Arizona
Judith Littleford Student
  • University Of Manitoba
Philip Knapp Student
  • Boston University Medical Center
Frances Kuebler Student
  • East Boston Neighborhood Health Center
Jennifer Pakiam Teaching Assistant
  • National Library Of Medicine
45 total attendees representing 40 institutions.

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