Experimental Botany 1968

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Year Course Group
1968 Experimental Botany


Name Role Affiliation URI
Robert Edward Lee Assistant
  • University Of Massachusetts
Harold W Siegelman Instructor
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory
William S Hillman Instructor
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory
Robert T Wilce Instructor
  • University Of Massachusetts
Robert L Guillard Instructor
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
John M Olson Instructor
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory
Martin Gibbs Special Lecturer
  • Brandeis University
Norman Lazaroff Special Lecturer
  • State University Of New York At Binghamton
Frank A Loewus Special Lecturer
  • State University Of New York At Buffalo
J E Leggett Special Lecturer
  • U S Department Of Agriculture
Luigi Provasoli Special Lecturer
  • Haskins Laboratories
George Benjamin Bouck Special Lecturer
  • Yale University
Paul B Green Special Lecturer
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Stanley Roux Student
  • University Texas Austin
Robin Buckner Student
  • University Of Kentucky
Thomas Monahan Student
  • University Of Connecticut
R Clarks Brooks Student
  • University Of Chicago
Robert Wi Goff Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Marilyn Clayton Student
  • Wheaton College
John Mullins Student
  • University Of Tennessee
Clarice Moreth Student
  • Nova University
Gary Gardner Student
  • Harvard University
Michael Jenike Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Norman Hinman Student
  • University Of Connecticut
Arthur Linkins Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Richard Pecora Student
  • Kent State University
Joyce Redemske Student
  • University Of Illinois
Jackie Carroll Student
  • University Of Alabama
28 total attendees representing 21 institutions.

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