Optical Microscopy And Imaging In The Biomedical Sciences 1983

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1983 Optical Microscopy


Name Role Affiliation URI
Cary Clayton Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Instrumentation Marketing Corporation
Jerome Kleifgen Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Dage Mti
Jan Hinsch Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • E Leitz Inc
Paul Knutrud Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Interactive Video Systems
Phil Presley Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Carl Zeiss Inc
Richard Balcom Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Olympus Corporation Of America
Richard Chiasson Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Olympus Corporation Of America
John Hayden Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Dartmouth College
Michael Bibee Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Carl Zeiss Inc
Tony Saporetti Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Interactive Video Systems
Philip Amato Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Carnegie Mellon University
Diane Cowan Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Boston University
  • Boston University Marine Program
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Kenneth Orndorff Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Dartmouth College
John Mongiello Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • A O Reichert Scientific
Dr Fujiwake Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Hamamatsu Photonics
Eric Hansen Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Dartmouth College School Of Engineering
Colin S Izzard Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Suny Albany
Robert Ashmead Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Nikon Instrument Division Nikon Inc
Marcia Taylor Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Carnegie Mellon University
Robert Day Allen Instructor-In-Chief
  • Dartmouth College
Gary Banker Student
  • Albany Medical College Of Union University
James Pawley Student
  • Hvem Laboratory
Karl Aufderheide Student
  • Texas Aandm University
Burton Endo Student
  • Plant Protection Institute
  • Agricultural Research Service
Michael Welsh Student
  • University Of Iowa Hospitals
Akihiro Kusumi Student
  • Princeton University
William Hulbert Student
  • University Of Alberta
Rosemary Bevan Student
  • University Of Vermont School Of Medicine
Richard Frankel Student
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Gordon Shepherd Student
  • Yale University School Of Medicine
Robert F Rakowski Student
  • Washington University School Of Medicine
Paul Bridgman Student
  • Nih
Dale Holdren Student
  • University Of Washington
Virginia Huxley Student
  • University Of California Davis
John Buckland-Nicks Student
  • University Of Alberta
35 total attendees representing 31 institutions.

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