Invertebrate Zoology 1965

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1965 Invertebrate Zoology


Name Role Affiliation URI
John H Busser Assistant
  • University Of Rhode Island
William Bruce Hunter Assistant
  • University Of California
  • University Of California Santa Barbara
Clark P Read Consultant
  • Rice University
F A Brown, Jr Consultant
  • Northwestern University
Libbie Henrietta Hyman Consultant
  • American Museum Of Natural History
Alfred C Redfield Consultant
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Robert K Josephson Instructor
  • Western Reserve University
Eric L Mills Instructor
  • Queens University
W D Russell Hunter Instructor
  • Syracuse University
George Holz, Jr Instructor
  • Upstate Medical Center State University Of New York
Irwin W Sherman Instructor
  • University Of California Riverside
Norman Millott Instructor
  • Bedford College University Of London
  • Bedford College, University Of London
Allahverdi Farmanfarmaian Instructor
  • Pahlavi University
Frank M Fisher, Jr Instructor
  • Rice University
Albert John Burky Student
  • Syracuse University
Paul Lewis Kupferberg Student
  • Drew College
Daniel Paul Smith Student
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Mark J Rosenberg Student
  • Amherst College
Maurice Blaug Student
  • University Of Minnesota
Sister Eileen Marie Bast Student
  • University Of Oklahoma
Jeffrey M Camhi Student
  • Harvard University
Eleanor Livingston Briggs Student
  • Columbia University
Jean Frances Spicer Student
  • Pennsylvania State University
Fred Delcomyn Student
  • University Of Oregon
Henry Joseph Wehman Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Eileen Marie Setzler Student
  • College Of St Mary Of Springs
Patricia Anne Thomasson Student
  • University Of Minnesota
Robert Anthony Paoletti Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Ruth Anne Batcheller Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
John William Gittinger, Jr Student
  • Oberlin College
Priscilla Arlene Larson Student
  • Yale University
Rose Mae Rita Bradley Student
  • Dunbarton College
Anthony Uzzo, Jr Student
  • C W Post College
Sister Mary Gabriel Trebatoski Student
  • University Of Notre Dame
Susan Bertha Mciver Student
  • Washington State University
Mary Avis Weir Pocock Student
  • University Of Texas
Robert Martin Beck Student
  • Cornell University
Peter Stephenson Tobias Student
  • Oberlin College
Pamela Lea Philippus Student
  • Colorado College
George Richmond Clark Student
  • California Institute Of Technology
Carolyn Sue Hatfield Student
  • University Of California Berkeley
Herbert Oberlander Student
  • Western Reserve University
Clyde Johnson Dawe Student
  • National Institutes Of Health
Neil Francis Murphy Student
  • Washington And Jefferson College
Nancy Kay Lind Student
  • Harvard University
Sue Ying Lee Student
  • University Of Illinois
Louise Adele Racey Student
  • Catholic University Of America
Gudisay Samuel Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Susan Fowler Student
  • Vassar College
Michael Lawrence Hain Student
  • University Of California Davis
Kathleen Frank Ochs Student
  • Washington University
Stephen Anthony George Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Edwin Clark Franks Student
  • Ohio State University
Jeanne Isabelle Rader Student
  • Syracuse University
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