Fundamental Issues In Vision Research 2012

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2012 Fundamental Issues In Vision Research


Name Role Affiliation URI
Ivan Anastassov Course Coordinator
  • Hunter College And Graduate Center Of City University Of New York
  • Hunter College And Graduate Center Cuny
Theodore Wensel Course Director
  • Baylor College Of Medicine
Mary Ann Stepp Course Director
  • George Washington University Medical Center
Ellen Liberman Faculty
  • National Institutes Of Health
  • Nei
Marion Gordon Faculty
  • Ernest Mario School Of Pharmacy
David Papermaster Faculty
  • University Of Connecticut Health Center
Alecia Gross Faculty
  • University Of Alabama At Birmingham
Michael Dean Faculty
  • National Cancer Institute
James Funderburgh Faculty
  • University Of Pittsburgh
Hadas Mechoulam Faculty
  • Hadassah University Hospital
Neeraj Agarwal Faculty
  • National Institutes Of Health
Walter Gehring Faculty
  • University Of Basel
Neal Peachey Faculty
  • Cleveland Clinic
Jody Summers Rada Faculty
  • University Of Oklahoma Health Sciences
Nansi Colley Faculty
  • University Of Wisconsin
David Beebe Faculty
  • Washington University
Alexander Ljubimov Lecturer
  • Cedars Sinai Medical Center
Tirin Moore Lecturer
  • Stanford University
Jennifer Lavail Lecturer
  • University Of California
Patsy Nishina Lecturer
  • Jackson Laboratory
Sarah Murray Lecturer
  • University Of California
Gregory Hageman Lecturer
  • University Of Utah
Peter Lukasiewicz Lecturer
  • Washington University
Patricia Damore Lecturer
  • Harvard Medical School
  • Schepens Eye Research Institute
Michael Dyer Lecturer
  • St Jude Childrens Research Hospital
Max Nachury Lecturer
  • Stanford University School Of Medicine
Janet Sparrow Lecturer
  • Columbia University
Agarwal Neeraj Lecturer
  • National Institutes Of Health
Eliot Berson Lecturer
  • Harvard Medical School
Peter Lwigale Lecturer
  • Rice University
Simon John Lecturer
  • Jackson Laboratory
James Rosenbaum Lecturer
  • Oregon Health And Science University
William Hauswirth Lecturer
  • University Of Florida
Caroline Walsh Student
  • University Of Michigan
Balaraj Menon Student
  • Massachusetts Eye And Ear
Thomas Sundermeier Student
  • Case Western Reserve University
Alex Mckeown Student
  • University Of Alabama At Birmingham
Keiko Miyadera Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Stephanie Gillespie Student
  • Mount Sinai School Of Medicine
Di Ding Student
  • University Of Miami
Yidong Li Student
  • Yale University
Jennifer Mcgehee Student
  • Baylor College Of Medicine
Piotr Kopinski Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Byung Jin Kim Student
  • North Texas Eye Research Institute
Thomas Wubben Student
  • University Of Illinois At Chicago
Amit Patel Student
  • University Of Miami
Kathy Ngo Student
  • University Of California
Jie He Student
  • Cambridge University
Terry Coursey Student
  • Baylor College Of Medicine
Verity Oliver Student
  • Wilmer Eye Institute
Yan Chen Student
  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Reece Mazade Student
  • University Of Arizona
Mao Mao Student
  • University Of California
Johan Klingeborn Student
  • Duke University Medical Center
Johnnie Moore-Dotson Student
  • University Of Arizona
Benjamen Filas Student
  • Washington University School Of Medicine
Kelly Oaquin Student
  • University Of Maryland
Ivy Samuels Teaching Assistant
  • Louis Stokes Cleveland Va Medical Center
58 total attendees representing 47 institutions.

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