Molecular Biology Of Aging 2001

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2001 Molecular Biology Of Aging


Name Role Affiliation URI
Rhonda Burke Course Coordinator
  • Emory University School Of Medicine
Douglas Wallace Director
  • Emory University School Of Medicine
Leonard Guarente Director
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Rudolph Tanzi Faculty
  • Harvard Medical School
Siegfried Hekimi Faculty
  • Mcgill University
Junying Yuan Faculty
  • Harvard Medical School
George Martin Faculty
  • University Of Washington School Of Medicine
Donald Price Faculty
  • Johns Hopkins University
Calvin Harley Faculty
  • Geron Corporation
Stephen L Helfand Faculty
  • University Of Connecticut Health Center
Dean Jones Faculty
  • Emory University
Adrian Lambert Faculty
  • University Of Liverpool
  • Emory University
Stuart Kim Faculty
  • Stanford University School Of Medicine
Joan Valentine Faculty
  • University Of California Los Angeles
Judith Campisi Faculty
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Titia De Lange Faculty
  • Rockefeller University
Tom Kirkwood Faculty
  • University Of Manchester
Woodring Wright Faculty
  • University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
John Tower Faculty
  • University Of Southern California
Philip Hanawalt Faculty
  • Stanford University
Linda Partridge Faculty
  • University College London
Valeria Culotta Faculty
  • Johns Hopkins University
Vilhelm Bohr Faculty
  • National Institutes Of Health
Arlan Richardson Faculty
  • University Of Texas Health Science Center
Fred Goldberg Faculty
  • Harvard Medical School
Gary Ruvkun Faculty
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
Norma Lopez Student
  • Uam Iztapalapa
Alaric Falcon Student
  • University Of Florida
James Mele Student
  • Unt Health Science Center
Molly Shea Student
  • University Of Minnesota Twin Cities
Gloria Gallo-Cromie Student
  • New York University
Adrian Lambert Student
  • University Of Liverpool
  • Emory University
Rizwan Haq Student
  • University Of Toronto
Jeong Soo Park Student
  • Seoul National University
Keith Sharrow Student
  • University Of Kentucky
Tim Fisher Student
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Shaday Michan Student
  • Unam
Marc Lewis Student
  • University Of Texas At Austin
Moshe Pritsker Student
  • Princeton University
Francis Rodier Student
  • University Of Montreal Hospital Research Center
Oge Arum Student
  • University Of Colorado
Jason Poole Student
  • University Of Illinois
Siva Kumar Student
  • Centre For Cellular And Molecular Biology
Abdulbaki Agbas Student
  • University Of Kansas
Jaewon Lee Student
  • Nih
  • Nia
  • Grc
Valerie Renault Student
  • Cnrs Umr 7000
Jason Kokoszka Teaching Assistant
  • Emory University
Mohan Viswanathan Teaching Assistant
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Matt Kaeberlein Teaching Assistant
  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Keith Kerstann Teaching Assistant
  • Emory University School Of Medicine
Elif Pinar Coskun Teaching Assistant
  • Emory University School Of Medicine
Laura Bordone Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Minnesota
Barbara Cottrell Teaching Assistant
  • Emory University
53 total attendees representing 44 institutions.

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