Pathogenesis Of Neuroimmunologic Diseases 1997

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1997 Pathogenesis Of Neuroimmunologic Diseases


Name Role Affiliation URI
Jack Rosenbluth Director
  • New York University Medical Center
  • New York University School Of Medicine
Celia Brosnan Director
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Paul Knopf Faculty
  • Brown University
Steven Pfeiffer Faculty
  • University Of Connecticut Health Center
William Hickey Faculty
  • Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Judah Denburg Faculty
  • Mcmaster University
Anthony Reder Faculty
  • University Of Chicago
David Felten Faculty
  • University Of Rochester
Clifford Saper Faculty
  • Beth Israel Hospital
J Murdoch Ritchie Faculty
  • Yale University School Of Medicine
Patricia Coyle Faculty
  • Suny Stony Brook
Vijay Kuchroo Faculty
  • Brigham And Womens Hospital
Richard Ransohoff Faculty
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Peter Charles Faculty
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
James Salzer Faculty
  • New York University Medical Center
Jon Lindstrom Faculty
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Esther Sternberg Faculty
  • National Institutes Of Health
John Griffin Faculty
  • Johns Hopkins School Of Medicine
Diane Griffin Faculty
  • Johns Hopkins University
James Martiney Faculty
  • Picower Institute For Medical Research
Etty Benveniste Faculty
  • University Of Alabama
Robert Darnell Faculty
  • Rockefeller University
Joan Berman Faculty
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Bruce Ransom Faculty
  • University Of Washington School Of Medicine
Barbara Barres Faculty
  • Stanford University School Of Medicine
Robert M Gould Faculty
  • New York State Institute For Basic Research
  • New York State Institute Of Basic Research In Developmental Disabilities
Michele Solimena Faculty
  • Yale University
J Wayne Streilein Faculty
  • Schepens Eye Research Institute
Moon L Shin Faculty
  • University Of Maryland
Byron Halsted Waksman Faculty
  • Foundation For Microbiology
  • New York University Medical Center
Gilla Kaplan Faculty
  • Rockefeller University
Emanuela Bonfoco Student
  • La Jolla Institute Of Immunology
Barry Singer Student
  • New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center
Neelufar Mozaffarian Student
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Benedicte Dubois Student
  • Rega Institute
Marcin Mycko Student
  • Medical Academy Of Lodz
Carrie Mcmanus Student
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Laurent Coscoy Student
  • Institut Pasteur
Igor Leykin Student
  • Weizmann Institute Of Science
Nevil Singh Student
  • Tata Institute Of Fundamental Research
Urszula Fiszer Student
  • Institute Of Psychiatry And Neurology
Alexei Boiko Student
  • Russian State Medical University
Carolyn Hoban Student
  • Cambridge Neuroscience Inc
Sulpicio Soriano Student
  • Harvard Medical School
  • Childrens Hospital
Pitagoras Justino Student
  • Universidade Federal De Uberlandia
Kee Ching Jeng Student
  • Taichung Veterans General Hospital
Bernd Kieseier Student
  • University Of Wurzburg
Glen Greenough Student
  • Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Jitendra Patel Student
  • Zeneca Pharmaceuticals
Mary Mcmenamin Student
  • University Of Oxford
Pia Kivisakk Student
  • Karolinska Institute
Rita Baron-Faust Student
  • Wcbs Newsradio 88
Liwei Hua Student
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Dmitriy Labunsky Student
  • Institute Of Neurology
Amit Bar-Or Student
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
55 total attendees representing 50 institutions.

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