Embryology 1928

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1928 Embryology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Harold H Plough Instructor
  • Amherst College
Charles Gardner Rogers Instructor
  • Oberlin College
Benjamin H Grave Instructor
  • Wabash College
Charles Packard Instructor
  • Institute Of Cancer Research Columbia University
  • Columbia University
Hubert Baker Goodrich Instructor
  • Wesleyan University
Robert W Maccalmont, Jr Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Kenneth B Coldwater Student
  • University Of Missouri
Elizabeth S Kirkwood Student
  • Mount Holyoke College
Pail L Phillips Student
  • Cornell University Medical College
R Obertsa Rugh Student
  • Lawrence College
Lyle V Beck Student
  • Wabash College
Ona M Fowler Student
  • University Of Michigan
William Randolph Duryee Student
  • Yale University
David G Cogan Student
  • Dartmouth College
Katherine K Holman Student
  • Dalhousie University
Sumner A Rifenburg Student
  • Purdue University
Ernest C Driver Student
  • University Of Illinois
Ruth E Macmillan Student
  • Cornell University
James M Sanders Student
  • Illinois University
Richard G Abell Student
  • Hampton Institute
Norman K Arnold Student
  • Wesleyan University
George K Smelser Student
  • Earlham College
Naomi D Furnas Student
  • Rockford College
Suzanne G Smith Student
  • Oberlin College
Tson Pen Sun Student
  • Northwestern University
Janet Robinson Student
  • Wellesley College
Elizabeth H Ufford Student
  • Bryn Mawr College
Septima C Smith Student
  • University Of Alabama
Elizabeth Drumtra Student
  • Wilson College
Lennel I Wright Student
  • Kansas University
Helen E Butts Student
  • Brown University
Theodore M Mcmillion Student
  • Geneva College
Maurita E Mcpherson Student
  • Elmira College
Ronald F Maclennan Student
  • Oberlin College
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