Embryology 1926

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1926 Embryology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Harold H Plough Instructor
  • Amherst College
Charles Gardner Rogers Instructor
  • Oberlin College
Benjamin H Grave Instructor
  • Wabash College
Charles Packard Instructor
  • Columbia University Institute Of Cancer Research
  • Columbia University
Hubert Baker Goodrich Instructor
  • Wesleyan University
Sidney A Britten Student
  • Hamilton College
John T Harrington Student
  • Dalhousie University
Hsin Kuo Chen Student
  • University Of Illinois
Ira B Hansen Student
  • Wesleyan University
Olin E Nelsen Student
  • Toledo University
S Elizabeth Van Duyne Student
  • Goucher College
Franklin A De M Campos Student
  • St Pauls Medical School
Anna G Eggerdink Student
  • Hunter College
Hwei Ling Lu Student
  • Huping Christian College
Mrs Daisy Y Holcomb Student
  • University Of Kansas
Donnie C Getchell Student
  • Colby College
Paul W Prew Student
  • Cornell University Medical College
Fidel Cuajunco Student
  • University Of Philippines
Janet Kellicott Student
  • Barnard College
Myra Herman Student
Shiro Esaki Student
  • University Of Chicago
  • Dept Of Zoology University Of Chicago
Miriam C Benner Student
  • Mt Holyoke College
Harriet P Walker Student
  • Smith College
Lida C Brannon Student
  • Dana Hall
David R Climenko Student
  • Dartmouth College
Cecile L Conklin Student
  • Goucher College
Frank L Else Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Gladys E Holmes Student
  • Brown University
Esther Carpenter Student
  • University Of Wisconsin
Mary C Hinchey Student
  • Hollins College
Chao Fa Wu Student
  • University Of Wisconsin
Dr Gregor T Popa Student
  • University Of Budapest
Mrs A K Parpart Student
  • Smith College
Guy W Horsley Student
  • University Of Virginia
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