Embryology 1927

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1927 Embryology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Harold H Plough Instructor
  • Amherst College
Charles Gardner Rogers Instructor
  • Oberlin College
Benjamin H Grave Instructor
  • Wabash College
Charles Packard Instructor
  • Institute Of Cancer Research Columbia University
  • Columbia University
Hubert Baker Goodrich Instructor
  • Wesleyan University
Percy L Bailey, Jr Student
  • Brown University
Sally Hamilton Student
  • Elmira College
Allyn Jay Waterman Student
  • Western Reserve University
Kathe M Beyer Student
Lyman S Rowell Student
  • University Of Vermont
Esther Marie Boughton Student
Nelson S Chen Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Thomas M Woodard, Jr Student
  • Vanderbilt University
S Milton Nabrit Student
  • Morehouse College
Mary Elizabeth Curtis Student
  • Wilson College
Frieda Lichtman Student
  • New York University
Lydia M Fletcher Student
  • Brown University
Mary Hardesty Student
  • Newcomb College
Wilbur M Luce Student
  • University Of Illinois
Elizabeth H Parsons Student
  • Oberlin College
Margaret H Davidson Student
  • North Carolina College For Women
Ralph C Mcgoun, Jr Student
  • Amherst College
Barbara Tracy Student
  • Connecticut College
Jan Birges Jansen Student
  • Royal Fredericks University
Elizabeth Deichmann Student
  • Radcliffe College
Albert Joseph Dalton Student
  • Wesleyan University
William Henry Hollinshead Student
  • Vanderbilt University
Isidor A Hershkowitz Student
  • Columbia University
Edward B Bosworth Student
  • Yale University
Ruth A Miller Student
Joshua L Baily, Jr Student
  • Institute For Biological Research
Yoshi Kuni Hiraiwa Student
  • University Of Chicago
I Wen Student
  • Medical College
Lucile A Grizzle Student
  • University Of Southern California
Margaret Harland Student
  • North Carolina College For Women
Norman F Crane Student
  • Bowdoin College
Aurin M Chase, Jr Student
  • Amherst College
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