Zoology 1929

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1929 Zoology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Olin E Nelsen Instructor
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Madeleine P Grant Instructor
  • Mount Holyoke College
Rudolf Bennitt Instructor
  • University Of Missouri
Elbert C Cole Instructor
  • Williams College
Earl A Martin Instructor
  • College Of City Of New York
James A Dawson Instructor
  • Harvard University
A E Severginhaus Instructor
  • Columbia University
Thomas Hume Bissonnette Instructor
  • Trinity College
Janet Lloyd Student
  • Smith College
Phyllis V Plyler Student
  • Goucher College
Leslie A Stauber Student
  • Rutgers University
Cornelia H Collier Student
  • Elmira College
Kathel B Kerr Student
  • Oberlin College
Mindel Sitomer Student
  • New York University
Helene N Lammers Student
  • Agnes Scott College
Elsie C Hummel Student
  • Lasell Seminary
Harry M Capps, Jr Student
  • Amherst College
Dorothy M Blondel Student
  • Barnard College
Amer M Ballew Student
  • Austin High School
Henry E Keck Student
  • Ohio University
Karl A Stiles Student
  • Battle Creek College
Martha M Patterson Student
  • Wilson College
Joseph C Chambers, Jr Student
  • Amherst College
Donald J Ameel Student
  • University Of Michigan
Sister M Muriel Flammon Student
  • Seton Hill College
Pauline Darby Student
  • Washington University
Alice Hastings Student
  • Mount Holyoke College
Florence E Weston Student
  • Tufts College
Dorothea Rudnick Student
  • University Of Chicago
Sherman S Hayden Student
  • Harvard University
Katharine F Kumpf Student
  • Goucher College
William E Macfarland Student
  • Acadia University
Frederick W Bradley Student
Martha C Toothill Student
  • Mount Holyoke College
Walter A Stultz Student
  • Yale University
William H Waller Student
  • De Pauw University
Katherine S Brehme Student
  • Barnard College
Carrie E Lecates Student
  • University Of Delaware
Stanley W Handford Student
  • Yale University
Ruth Finkelstein Student
  • Johns Hopkins University
Barbara Crane Student
  • Oberlin College
Benjamin R Coonfield Student
  • Harvard University
Auriel O Foster Student
  • Wesleyan University
Dorothy E Stoelting Student
  • Butler University
Alice Dean Spalding Student
  • Columbia University Teachers College
Rowena Nichols Student
  • Wellesley College
Mary Elizabeth Frye Student
  • Pennsylvania College For Women
John Paul Scott Student
  • University Of Wyoming
Frances Cummings Student
  • Albertus Magnus
Malcolm D Campbell Student
  • Dorchester High School For Boys
Robert G Gould, Jr Student
  • Harvard University
Julia D Sweeney Student
  • Radcliffe College
Theodore W Torrey Student
  • Harvard University
Helena Wald Student
  • New York University
Gasper A Loughridge Student
  • Rutgers University
James I Kendall Student
  • Bussey Institution
Nancy Frost Student
  • Acadia University
Leslie M Bell Student
  • University Of Alabama
Austin Phelps Student
  • Yale University
Sarah W Bailey Student
  • Radcliffe College
Anna L Haas Student
  • Sophie Newcomb College
61 total attendees representing 44 institutions.

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