Microinjection Techniques In Cell Biology 1991

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1991 Microinjection Techniques In Cell Biology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Robert B Silver Director
  • Cornell University Ny State College Of Veternary Medicine
  • Cornell University
Douglas Kline Faculty
  • Kent State University
Katherine Luby-Phelps Faculty
  • University Of Texas
Karen Kindle Faculty
  • Cornell University
D William Provance Faculty
  • University Of Texas
Heather Bartlett Faculty
  • Cornell University
Marwan El-Sabban Student
  • Cornell University
Inge Janka Student
  • Gsf Forschunszentrum
Karl Kalland Student
  • Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Andrew Laudano Student
  • University Of New Hampshire
Robert Myers Student
  • Manitoba Institute Of Cell Biology
Nelson Ellmore Student
  • Nih
  • Nci
Hilmar Bading Student
  • Harvard Medical School
Huguette Loevtrup Student
  • University Of Umea
Kathy Cooke Student
  • University Of Chicago
David Schwartz Student
  • Nyu
Neil Smalheiser Student
  • University Of Chicago
Jon Jacobson Student
  • University Of Washington
John Wilkinson Student
  • Wellcome Research Labs
Asma Nusrat Student
  • Brigham And Womens Hospital
20 total attendees representing 17 institutions.

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