Medical Informatics I 2001

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Year Course Group
2001 Biomedical Informatics


Name Role Affiliation URI
James Cimino Director
  • Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
  • Columbia University
Christopher Cimino Faculty
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Alexa Mccray Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Kathi Canese Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Lawrence Kingsland Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Justin Starren Faculty
  • Columbia University
Daniel Masys Faculty
  • University Of California San Diego
Charles Friedman Faculty
  • University Of Pittsburgh
Isaac Kohane Faculty
  • Childrens Hospital
Suzanne Bakken Faculty
  • Columbia University
Michael Ackerman Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
William Hammond Faculty
  • Duke University Medical Center
Donald Lindberg Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Alfredo Calderon Student
  • Universidad Central Del Caribe
Kathleen Baker Student
  • Hawaii Department Of Health
Mary Linn Bergstrom Student
  • University Of California San Diego
Myrtho Montes Student
  • St Vincents Hospital And Medical Center
Ann Williamson Student
  • University Of California San Francisco Medical Center
Patricia Friedman Student
  • University Of Pittsburgh
Karen Assar Student
  • Charles R Drew University Library
Kenneth Freedman Student
  • Connecticut Valley Hospital
Diane Hawkins Student
  • Suny Upstate Medical University
Lisa Carroll Student
  • University Of California Los Angeles
Prudence Dalrymple Student
  • Dominican University
Barbara Engram Student
  • Halifax Medical Center
Nilsa Pineiro Student
  • University Of Puerto Rico
Brian Boston Student
  • Georgetown University
Carolyn Ching Student
  • Hawaii Medical Library
Paul Bain Student
  • Countway Library Of Medicine
James Barrett Student
  • University Of Virginia
Ardis Haaland Student
  • University Of Mississippi Medical Center
Richard Lindstrom Student
  • Charles R Drew University
Lyle Vance Student
  • North Lake Community Library
Michael Ruhlen Student
  • Toledo Childrens Hospital
Douglas Hanson Student
  • Forsyth Institute
Valerie Lawrence Student
  • Kaiser Permanente
Tricia Soliz Student
  • University Medical Center
Marlene Cuenco Student
  • Hawaii Medical Library
Lorna Springston Student
  • Ball Memorial Hospital
Melinda Jenkins Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Robert Darling Student
  • Us Army Medical Research Institute
Steven Seifried Student
  • University Of Hawaii
Deborah Hile Student
  • University Of Utah
43 total attendees representing 35 institutions.

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