Medical Informatics I 2003

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Year Course Group
2003 Biomedical Informatics


Name Role Affiliation URI
James Cimino Course Director
  • Columbia University
Christopher Cimino Faculty
  • Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
George Hripcsak Faculty
  • Columbia University
Alexa Mccray Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Kathi Canese Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Lawrence Kingsland Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Justin Starren Faculty
  • Columbia University
Michael Ackerman Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Perry Miller Faculty
  • Yale University
Rita Kukafka Faculty
  • Columbia University
William Hammond Faculty
  • Duke University
Donald Lindberg Faculty
  • National Library Of Medicine
Joan Ash Faculty
  • Oregon Health And Science University
Subbiah Sivam Student
  • Oregon Health And Science University Library
Andrea Benin Student
  • Drexel University College Of Nursing
Leonid Poretsky Student
  • Micromedex Ind
Matthew Abrams Student
  • Indiana University School Of Medicine
Samuel King Student
  • Healthcare Insights
Durado Brooks Student
  • Meharry Medical College
Joyce Bedoian Student
  • Providence Portland Medical Center
Taneya Koonce Student
  • Lake County Health Department
Frances Cornelius Student
  • State Of Washington Health Care Authority
Marcia Horner Student
  • World Health Organization
Mary Rydesky Student
  • Kootenai Medical Center Library
Susan Bader Student
  • Oregon Neurology Pc
Gary Byrd Student
  • Madonna University
Richard Rohr Student
  • Emory University School Of Medicine
Brian Anderson Student
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center
Patricia Martin Student
  • University Of Montana
Anthony Dicarlo Student
  • University Of Vermont
Tom Himelick Student
  • Suny Buffalo
Vladimir Berthaud Student
  • Yale University
Kara Keels Student
  • Drexel University
Edith Certain Student
  • American Cancer Society
Joanne Kennedy Student
  • Beth Israel Medical Center
Peggy Baldwin Student
  • Baylor Health Science Library
Thomas Phillips Student
  • University Of California San Diego
Ellen Wydra Student
  • Case Western Reserve University
Reonel Saddul Student
  • United States Public Health Service
Marianne Burke Student
  • University Of Illinois
Arvind Patel Student
  • Delaware Academy Of Medicine
Paul Ash Student
  • Allina Hospitals And Clinics
Teresa Knott Student
  • Adena Health System
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