Workshop On Molecular Evolution 2008

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2008 Workshop On Molecular Evolution


Name Role Affiliation URI
Daniel Ayres Course Coordinator
  • University Of Maryland
Adam Bazinet Course Coordinator
  • University Of Maryland
Michael Cummings Course Director
  • University Of Maryland
Peter Beerli Faculty
  • Florida State University
Mark Holder Faculty
  • University Of Kansas
William Pearson Faculty
  • University Of Virginia
Kerry Shaw Faculty
  • Cornell University
Scott Edwards Faculty
  • Harvard University
Rebecca Gast Faculty
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Michael Miyamoto Faculty
  • University Of Florida
Paul Lewis Faculty
  • University Of Connecticut
Fredrik Ronquist Faculty
  • Swedish Museum Of Natural History
Steve Thompson Faculty
  • Florida State University
David Swofford Faculty
  • Florida State University
Joseph Felsenstein Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Axel Meyer Faculty
  • University Of Konstanz Germany
Joseph Bielawski Faculty
  • Dalhousie University
Alexei Drummond Faculty
  • University Of Auckland
Anne Yoder Faculty
  • Duke University
Paul Turner Faculty
  • Yale University
Mary Kuhner Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Derrick Zwickl Faculty
  • National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
Yesim Soyer Student
  • Cornell University
Sarah Hitchcock-Degregori Student
  • Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Hsin Hung Chou Student
  • Harvard University
David Lohman Student
  • National University Of Singapore
Karen Miller Student
  • University Of Tasmania
Jorge Perez-Eman Student
  • Universidad Central De Venezuela
Andreas Zwick Student
  • University Of Maryland Biotechnology Institute
Ivan Edwards Student
  • University Of Michigan
Ivan Fiala Student
  • Biology Centre Of Advanced Scientific Computing Research
Miriam Reyna Student
  • Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico
Rob Ness Student
  • University Of Toronto
Karen Kiemnec Student
  • Oregon State University
Sophie Cardinal Student
  • Cornell University
Julie Reveillaud Student
  • Ghent University
Kary Ann El Carmen Ocana Student
  • Instituto Oswaldo Cruz
Sabrina Simon Student
  • Itz Ecology And Evolution
Axel Kunstner Student
  • Uppsala University
Kelsey Glennon Student
  • George Washington University
Teresita Porter Student
  • Duke University
Krysyna Nadachowska Student
  • Jagiellonian University
Lucinda Lawson Student
  • University Of Chicago
Michelle Taylor Student
  • Institute Of Zoology London
Riyue Bao Student
  • Wayne State University
Rumen Kostadinov Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Daniel Lahr Student
  • University Of Massachusetts Amherst
Bjorn Nystedt Student
  • Uppsala University
Ashlee Earl Student
  • Harvard Medical School
Helena Skar Student
  • Karolinska Institute
Miguel Fonseca Student
  • University Of Porto
Celine Scornavacca Student
  • Montpellier Laboratory Of Computer Science
Fernando Torres-Perez Student
  • University Of New Mexico
Sarah Mesnick Student
  • Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Angelica Martins Student
  • Federal University Of Rio De Janeiro
Jodi Irwin Student
  • Armed Forces Dna Identification Laboratory
Javier Juste Student
  • Donana Biological Station
Judith Van Bleijswijk Student
  • Netherlands Institute For Sea Research
Niclas Backstrom Student
  • Uppsala University
L G Sampath Lokugalappatti Student
  • University Of Peradeniya Sri Lanka
Miguel Arenas Student
  • University Of Vigo
Jeannette Kanefsky Student
  • Michigan State University
Mario Hoenemann Student
  • University Of Veterinary Medicine Hannover
Yolanda Camacho-Garcia Student
  • Universidad De Costa Rica
Odd Gunnar Wikmark Student
  • University Of Tromso
Juan Galindo Student
  • University Of Sheffield
Laura Mcdonagh Student
  • University Of Exeter
Gracia Syed Student
  • Smithsonian Institution
Helena Wiklund Student
  • University Of Gothenburg
Hayley Lanier Student
  • University Of Alaska Fairbanks
Ciara Ni Dhubhghaill Student
  • University Of Bath
Marc Stift Student
  • University Of Glasgow
Felipe Zapata Student
  • University Of Missouri St Louis
Martin Kolisko Student
  • Dalhousie University
Kavitha Damal Student
  • Illinois State University
W Florian Fricke Student
  • University Of Maryland
Ling Ming Tsang Student
  • Chinese University Of Hong Kong
Rebecka Strandberg Student
  • Uppsala University
Knud Joensson Student
  • University Of Copenhagen
Eric Archer Student
  • Southwest Fisheries Science Center
  • National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration
  • National Marine Fisheries Service
David Smith Student
  • Dalhousie University
Ilaria Coscia Student
  • University College Dublin
Manuel Torres Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Georgia
Susanna Repo Teaching Assistant
  • Abo Akademi University
Akito Kawahara Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Maryland
Andreanna Welch Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Maryland
86 total attendees representing 70 institutions.

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