Workshop On Molecular Evolution 2004

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2004 Workshop On Molecular Evolution


Name Role Affiliation URI
Michael Cummings Course Director
  • University Of Maryland
Peter Beerli Faculty
  • Florida State University
Claire Fraser Faculty
  • Institute For Genomic Research
Steven Steve Thompson Faculty
  • Florida State University
William Pearson Faculty
  • University Of Virginia
Scott Edwards Faculty
  • Harvard University
Michael Miyamoto Faculty
  • University Of Florida
Jonathan Eisen Faculty
  • Institute For Genomic Research
Paul Lewis Faculty
  • University Of Connecticut
Fredrik Ronquist Faculty
  • Florida State University
David Swofford Faculty
  • Florida State University
Joseph Felsenstein Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Axel Meyer Faculty
  • University Of Konstanz
Joseph Bielawski Faculty
  • Dalhousie University
Anne Yoder Faculty
  • Yale University
Paul Turner Faculty
  • Yale University
Mary Kuhner Faculty
  • University Of Washington
David Rand Faculty
  • Brown University
Shozo Yokoyama Faculty
  • Emory University
Margaret Riley Lecturer
  • Yale University
Dan Voytas Lecturer
  • Iowa State University
Loren Ammerman Student
  • Angelo State University
Seema Meloni Student
  • Harvard University
Catherine Sole Student
  • University Of Pretoria
Hector Romero Student
  • Universidad De La Republica
Margaret Glasner Student
  • University Of California San Francisco
Holly Mortensen Student
  • University Of Maryland
Sarah Sonsthagen Student
  • University Of Alaska Fairbanks
Amadou Sall Student
  • Institut Pasteur Dakar
Coline Poux Student
  • University Of Nijmegen Ncmls
Daniel Janes Student
  • University Of Florida
Kristin Gribble Student
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Timothy Karr Student
  • University Of Bath
Carolyn Mattingly Student
  • Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory
Harry Savage Student
  • Centers For Disease Control
Jan Slapeta Student
  • Universite Paris Sud
Amy Lawton-Rauh Student
  • Max Planck Institute For Chemical Ecology
Carlos Lopez-Vaamonde Student
  • Zoological Society Of London
Marielos Mora-Lopez Student
  • University Of Costa Rica
Jaume Jorba Student
  • Centers For Disease Control And Prevention
Molly Murphy Student
  • University Of Georgia
Sarah Bush Student
  • University Of Utah
Jose Tello Student
  • University Of Illinois At Chicago
Renata Schama Lellis Student
  • Universidade Federal Do Rio De Janeiro
Paul Fine Student
  • University Of Utah
Ruxandra Bucur Student
  • Speleological Institute
Elisabeth Baloch Student
  • University Graz
David Queller Student
  • Rice University
Kristine Bennett Student
  • Centers For Disease Control And Prevention
Elizabeth Worthey Student
  • Seattle Biomedical Research Institute
Yuko Ota Student
  • University Of Maryland
Sheri Johnson Student
  • University Of Maine
Cristina Miyaki Student
  • University Of Sao Paulo
Juliana Chacon Student
  • International Center For Tropical Agriculture
Li Jia Student
  • Wichita State University
Feras Lafi Student
  • University Of Queensland
Marta Barluenga Student
  • University Of Konstanz
Tania Hernandez Student
  • Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico
Kristen Gruenthal Student
  • University Of California San Diego
Claudia Silva Student
  • Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Mexico
Ronald Jenner Student
  • University Of Cambridge
Brandi Cantarel Student
  • University Of Virginia
Luana Maroja Student
  • Cornell University
Irina Druzhinina Student
  • Vienna University Of Technology
Jill Mikucki Student
  • Montana State University
Elizabeth Wallace Student
  • Florida Marine Research Institute
Isabella Kappner Student
  • University Of Illinois Chicago Field Museum
Slim Sassi Student
  • University Of Florida
Ken Ichi Hayashizaki Student
  • Kitasato University
Edna Suarez-Castillo Student
  • University Of Puerto Rico
Naiara Rodriguez-Ezpeleta Student
  • University Of Montreal
Anita Brandstatter Student
  • Medical University Of Innsbruck
Santiago Ramirez Student
  • Harvard University
Sarita Maree Student
  • University Of Pretoria
Jeffrey Bates Student
  • Smithsonian Institution
Sarah Bourlat Student
  • University College London
Marcel Van Tuinen Student
  • Stanford University
Achille Raselimanana Student
  • Wwf Madagascar
Daniel Cadena Student
  • University Of Missouri St Louis
Hilary Miller Student
  • Victoria University Of Wellington
Noah Reynolds Student
  • University Of Illinois
Johanna Fehling Teaching Assistant
  • Scottish Association For Marine Science
Eric Rynes Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Washington
Roman Biek Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Montana
Daniel Myers Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Maryland
John Fuetsch Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Maryland
Kelly Dyer Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Rochester
Adam Bazinet Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Maryland
Pablo Vinuesa Teaching Assistant
  • National Autonomous University Of Mexico
Rauri C K Bowie Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Stellenbosch
90 total attendees representing 67 institutions.

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