Microinjection Techniques In Cell Biology 1992

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1992 Microinjection Techniques In Cell Biology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Robert B Silver Course Director
  • Cornell University Ny State College Of Vet Medicine
  • Cornell University
Douglas Kline Faculty
  • Kent State University
Donald C Chang Faculty
  • Baylor College Of Medicine
  • Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology
Patricia Wadsworth Faculty
  • University Of Massachusetts
Suzanne Chandler Faculty
  • Cornell University
Joanne Kline Faculty
  • Kent State University
James Swanson Student
  • Old Dominion University
Thomas S Reese Student
  • Ninds
  • National Institutes Of Health
  • Nih
  • Ninds National Institutes Of Health
Thomas Burke Student
  • Ohio State University
Roger A Buchanan Student
  • National Institutes Of Health
Steve Sorota Student
  • Columbia University
Thomas Martin Student
  • University Of Wisconsin
Frieda Reichsman Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
David Brauer Student
  • United States Department Of Agriculture
Lynne Lucher Student
  • Illinois State University
Gupta Kalpana Student
  • University Of Ottawa
Katrina Marsh Student
  • Queens Medical Centre
Suresh Tiwari Student
  • University Of Kansas
Donald Siwek Student
  • Va Hospital
James Mcgill Student
  • Duke University
Karen Hedberg Student
  • University Of Oregon
Paulo Serodio Student
  • New York University
Hattie Gresham Student
  • University Of Missouri
Johanna Talavera Student
  • Boston University
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